Captain's Log
16 January 2001

Running Low on Cheese

My thanks go to Cap’n Bob for taking over Command for the last Voyage to allow me to have a break and see my family. I’m now back, refreshed and ready to rock and roll.My crew for this Voyage to Geelong are: Paul – XO, Dion – Nav, Kath – swimmer, Donny – White WL, Rick – Red WL, Woody – Blue WL, Eddie – Engineer, and Karen (new gal) – Chef. (Karen comes from a ship in WA and she’s a great cook – we only have the best onboard).Twenty-four Youth Crew, resplendent in the new, bright yellow Circumnavigation crew shirts, joined this afternoon. A few former Youth Crew came to see us off as I let Paul have the reins and he drove the ship away from the wharf. Shortly afterwards anchor was dropped in a nearby bay and we all began the process of getting to know each other and our ship. My first impression is that the YC are very keen and excited to be here. The weather forecast is good – a touch more wind would be welcome tomorrow when we commence our journey across Bass Strait. We will make ground to King Island (we are running low on cheese) as our first destination in two days time.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


41° 3' South / 145° 55'


Current situation at 1800: At anchor Emu Bay, Burnie. Weather - Tasmanian balmy.