Captain's Log
10 August 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 48 of our voyage. During the past 24hrs we have continued to make good speed south under sail and given the latest forecast our current goal is to hopefully sail the ship the rest of the way to Rio without the use of main engines. Currently that is about 1450nm so we will just have to see how we go.The big news for the day is that we celebrated Rudy’s 21st Birthday with the festivities and celebrations lasting all day and will culminate tonight with her choice of movies shown up on deck on Young Endeavours big screen under the stars. Happy 21st Rudy! From all of the Crew of YE hope you have had a fantastic day.While Neptune was onboard yesterday while presiding over the Crossing of the Line Ceremony he also recited an ode to yours truly which I thought was very nice and extremely witty, so I thought that I would put it on tonight’s Log for you to enjoy: NEPTUNE’S ODE TO CAPTAIN GAVFirst Sydney to Wellington and then ‘round’ the HornFrom many a world voyager a tall ship sailor was bornLeaving Rio to add an Atlantic crossing to your beltWind on the nose was all that you feltThe straits of Gibraltar would not let you passUntil the servants of Neptune granted you mercy at lastAcross the Med to commemorate a battle 100 years oldAt this place legends were made and brave stories are now toldThe ANZACS had to endure such a terrible lotBut even they didn’t have to deal with the Turkish President stealing their spotA month in old England to repair any messFor you a short holiday in Portugal with daughter JessThen into the North Sea for races and funDodging Russian Tall Ships and the Swedes with their rumYour current world voyagers joined in the Dutch landThe channel left them spewing but you had it in handIt was raining in Brest but you got to visit MontmarteThe journey to the Canaries had them climbing the mastsTo set all the squares as we had following seas at lastTenerife was a highlight with great weather, Matt Damon and beersMindelo was an experience for all and especially their rearsFor sailing this ship since December lastAnd keeping her safe and having a blastI award you Captain Gav,the Knightly Order of the Sail and MastQuickly writing tonight’s Captain Log so they can watch the movie is Kate the courageous and Vita the incredible, please enjoy. Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavCaptains Log 8/10/15Ahoy there peepsKate and Vita reporting on the daily dalliances from the STS Young Endeavour. Currently we are under fore and aft sail, 3°25.2 S 31°33.3 W near Ilha Rata off the coast of Brazil. But, to be honest, we could be anywhere… The horizon is still clear, the ocean is blue (surprising, I know), its still hot and no whales in sight (thanks Annie).Although the outside elements remain unchanged, much has occurred within our little bubble of a world on the Young Endeavour…. Overnight disaster struck as there was not one but two counts of murder within 60 minutes, bringing the Ships Assassin game to a spectacular, if not slightly horrific, end. First to fall was Zac, taken out mercilessly by Gilly who had gone to “lend a hand” washing up in the galley. Then, there were two remaining. Despite a cunning plan by Maddy to assassinate Gilly in the wee hours when she wasn’t on watch, Gilly managed to elude her attempt on his life, and ultimately dispatched of Maddy as cold-heartedly as he had done with his 5 other victims.Gilly is now the undisputed Lord-Assasin and has taken to wearing a knife crown, created using nothing other than his murder weapons, with pride and a whole lot of pazzaz (attitude – he’s working it Zoolander-style).This morning was another special morning for the Young Endeavour family. Its not every day you get to celebrate a 21st Birthday in the middle of the ocean on a tall ship! Rudy awoke this morning to a chorus of ‘Happy Birthdays’ whilst still slumbering in her bunk and was thereby given a day off all duties. We then went on to celebrate in true Rudy style, with a B & B party (for those who don’t know, Bogans and Bimbos). It was quite a sight to behold – our true Aussie alter egos shone through. There were “tattoos” abundant, missing teeth, some crafty VB cans, and wife-beaters a-plenty. For the blokes, they whipped out their tightest numbers (or borrowed some) and painted on their prettiest faces.Party games followed, including “pin the VB on the bogan”, a spectacular game of bogan-inspired musical statues, and finally a fully intense game of pass the parcel. Thanks to Marcos and Keily we enjoyed an amazing chocolate brownie cake that will most definitely induce diabetes (not that we’re complaining). All in all we trust Rudy has had an unforgettable day, and on behalf of all of us Happy Birthday!The weather has finally allowed us to hold another on deck movie night, so that will be it from us for another Captains log.See yous (inner bogan is still trying to break through Jekyll and Hyde style) on the flip sideKate the courageous and Vita the incredible


3 degrees 37 minutes South / 31 degrees 36 minutes West


Currently located 1480nm from Rio sailing close hauled and enjoying moderate to strong 15-20kt ESE winds with a 1m SE swell. Our current speed is 6.5kts and the temperature is 22 degrees.