Captain's Log
17 August 2001

Rolling along on the Southern

Last night, our third at sea in a row, was spent in some fairly good sailing conditions. The YC are growing confident and starting to warm to life onboard. There are plenty of happy faces now after our unpleasant start to the week. There’s also plenty of relief that we have rounded Cape Leeuwin at last and by this morning we were approaching the half way point in our long journey.The weather is overcast and the wind cold at the moment, but there’s always lots to do, if just looking at the majestic, rolling Southern Ocean is not enough. Today the YC had a Weather and Rules of the (Sea) Road presentation given by Mhanda, and another set of Rope Races, won again by the Whiteys. After lunch I gave a Sail Theory presentation and tonight three way talks are planned. (this is an opportunity for all YC to introduce another member of the crew, by being that particular person). It’s always a heap of fun.Tonight we’ll continue sailing easterly on a broad reach and visit Albany, tomorrow, Saturday.Youth Crew entry by Michael Newbold aged 22 years from BrisbaneGreetings family and friends,This is our fifth night aboard and everyone is on top of their game. The night watches are seeming shorter and the sea has abated. The red team continues to defy the odds and come up trumps at every opportunity under the expert guidance of our watch leader Schooner. Climbing the rigs in all types of seas has clearly been the highlight and most challenging aspect thus far. The sea is being kind to us at present and we even saw the sun for an extended period today. I am having a great time and learning a good deal about all things nautical including the origin of the phrase ���freeze the balls off a brass monkey.’ I’ll be an old sea dog in no time. See you all soon.MNYouth Crew entry by Garth Boyes 21 Hometown – NewcastleCaptain Log Stardate 17-8-2001Hi Mum, Dad, Kurtly, Lozza, Hubba and associates. Well as Mick said its now our fifth night and time is flying. I reckon I have prob. learned more in this week than I have learned in the rest of the year. If anyone reading is up in arms about whether or not to apply I would strongly recommend you do.The highlight for me has been taking on the 4.5m swell and 30+ knot winds we recorded on Wednesday night. I am having a ball. The food has been excellent thanks to chef Cazz and me and my teammates from Red Watch continue to lead the way from the front. Im looking forward to seeing you all next Friday with many tales ofthe sea. Lots a love Garth Youth Crew entry by Gordon Holmes 22 AdelaideHi mum and dad. Climbed aloft last night to set the square sails – some 30 metres. So what were you guys doing at around 1.30am last night? In complete darkness and high seas I was climbing aloft. Tonight I shall be sleeping to be only woken up at 4am for another watch. May have to tack tonight as well, better get some sleep.See ya Gordon Stay tuned Andrew Davis


35° 23' South / 116° 45'


Current situation at 1800: At sea off Point D'Entrecastreaux (halfway between Cape Leeuwin and Albany). Under full sail. Wind westerly at 18 knots. Temp 14C.