Captain's Log
21 May 2001

Right to the Top

Welcome to this Voyage from Cairns to Weipa. We got underway from the wharf a couple of hours late as some flights into town were delayed. But we are back on track now, and as I type, the Youth Crew are getting ready for their first climb. They seem like a great bunch: they are ready to go and looking forward to sailing north.Tonight we will stay at anchor and get to know our shipmates and our ship. During the Watches tonight the Youth Crew will climb aloft again – this time right to the top. After lunch tomorrow we will weigh anchor and start deck safety and sail setting.My team for this Voyage is: XO-Matt, Nav-Dion, Watch Officer- Damo, White WL-Ghris Galloway, Red WL-Sal, Blue WL-Karen, Chef-Woody, Engineer-Rick.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


16° 51' South / 145° 50'


Current situation at 2000: At anchor off Cairns Harbour. Wind sou' west at 5 knots, Temp 20C.