Captain's Log
14 April 2001

Resembling Rainbow Warrior

The Youth Crew have come leaps and bounds since leaving Great Keppel Island. Although we are all tired I think the feeling amongst the crew is that they are doing really well – and they are. They’ve handled some rough weather and getting up in the night, outside of their watches, to tack the ship. We’ve done heaps of climbing and sail handling and the team ethic is really showing. One more night and sea and we will reach our destination for the start of Command Day on Monday.Youth crew entry by Ange, 23, from Sefton,NSWBeing a member of the youth crew on the Young Endeavour has been the most exhausting, amazing experience. Last night the sea got rough and I had the worst sleep of my life – rolling from one side of my bed to another trying to stop myself falling out. Then we were woken at midnight to tack the ship, and I had to be up again at 4am for my watch shift. But the excitement of being part of a team that can turn a ship around in a huge swell in the middle of the night makes up for the hard times. My emotions have been extreme. I have felt the indescribable feeling of climbing to the top of the 30 metre mast at midnight the first night, seen a dolphin swim underneath us while sitting on the bow sprint at the front of the ship, jumped off the railing into the ocean for a quick dip, taken the helm and been strapped to the side of the boat for hours throwing up over the side at the peak of my seasickness, which hit the ship like the plague Monday afternoon and lasted a little more than 24 hours. It is definitely hard work on this ship and sometimes I wonder why I got myself into this without even the chance of a million dollars at the end. Just want to say hello to my mum and anyone else who may be reading. Youth crew entry from Larry, age 18 , where from Mildura.Today was yet another amazing day of sailing. The wind has been strong at our backs and we seem to have escaped anything that tropical cyclone SOSE may throw at us. However, there was some inconsistent showers throughout the afternoon. Today’s program was full after being spoiled by Great Keppel’s lovely beach the day before. A lot of tacking, weaving and sail setting was practiced today as we went to alternative tacking stations in order to perfect our skills before command day (starting 8 am Monday). The spirit amongst the crew is growing as the days go on and it makes such a difference when we aren’t turning the side of the boat into something resembling The Rainbow Warrior. There is growing self-belief amongst both myself and the rest of the youth that we can do the job come command day since the staff have decreased their input into our work. Tomorrow provides us with the chance of choosing our crew and this will be interesting to say the least. G’day every one back home. PS – hope the rowing regatta went well and see you on Friday. Cheers LarryStay tunedAndrew Davis


21° 27' South / 150° 12'


CO's Log Saturday 14 Apr 01Current situation at 1930: At sea in the Whitsundays, near the Percy Group. Wind sou'east at 25knots. Temp 25C. Passing showers and gusts.