Captain's Log
16 July 2001

Raising the Energy Levels

Well Voyage 12 of 2001 has certainly gotten off to a challenging start. The ship spent today alongside the Broome Wharf being buffeted by 25 knot winds. Fortunately the wind was blowing us off the wharf but, combined with a large tidal range and a significant fetch, this made getting on and off the vessel rather difficult. So when the Youth Crew arrived for a taste of life on a tall ship they were faced with their first personal challenge of simply getting onboard. All survived and indeed it seemed to raise everyone’s energy levels right from the word go. With conditions alongside being extremely unpleasant we wasted no time in getting away, slipping all lines at 1600 we were soon snugly at anchor in the lee of Cable Beach.Windy and wet, wet, wet is the only way to describe things right now. But all the crew are in high spirits and having enjoyed the fine fare from Woody’s Gourmet Galley, all are now climbing aloft for their first climb, totally undaunted by the lousy conditions.We have a long way to go, some 1400 nautical miles, hence this voyage is longer than usual, some 17 days. While the wind and rain is unpleasant now, tomorrow when we weigh anchor it will be behind us, and while we will all pray for the rain to pass, not so the wind, for 25 knots with all sail set running downwind is what square rigged sailing is all about and will undoubtedly prove an excellent start for our intrepid young adventurers.It promises to be an interesting and demanding voyage for all, so look in tomorrow and I’ll let you know how we are going.It’s great to be back once more,Cap’n Bob


17° 56' South / 122° 12'


CO LOG 16 Jul 01Situation at 1800 Monday 16 July 2001: At anchor off Cable Beach, Broome. Conditions: wind SE 25 knots, overcast, raining, and a cool 17 degrees.