Captain's Log
7 February 2001

Pyjamas and a Space Cadet

Well, command day has begun and Capt Patrick and his trusty Scottish sidekick (read ‘sailing master’) Chris have led a very enthusiastic team through some complex sailing. The morning began with a landing on Balmoral Beach and a hearty rendition of the National Anthem. The Captain then beat the ship out of the Harbour into an E wind like it was a private yacht. Since then, light airs have meant some tense looks are mounting as the pressure to arrive in Newcastle on time mounts. Enough from me, the true story follows…Yours ayeMatthew RoweYouth Crew Entry for 7 Feb 01:The day started off dressing up in ridiculous clothes with myself in jammies and a fellow youth crew as a space cadet. Four of us paddled a ‘rubber ducky’ across to land and started to convince locals that we needed help to sing the national anthem. We ended up heading to Balmoral’s Sandbar Cafe with approximately fifteen locals singing their hearts out (thanks guys). I have to say this event was outside my comfort zone but a great experience that I’ll never forget. At 2000hrs we still have centre point tower in our sights. Hi to everyone at home and E-Block, miss you all, and hope to see you soon. Love always Claire (21). Today I experienced a new found respect for chefs. After nominating myself and two fellow friends to do kitchen duty for the WHOLE day from 5:45 this morning I learnt that it’s not at all an easy job. However, I think it has probably been my most memorable yet. Pancakes (for breakfast), chocolate crackles, and choc chip cookies, were balanced out with a good hearty meal of rice, pasta, and roast chicken. Our journey is nearing the end, but I know I will walk away on Friday with great memories. See you all back home soon. Kel (17)


33° 43' South / 151° 21'


CO's log for 7 Feb 01Situation at 1800: Sailing N off Long Reef. Wind E at 8 knots Temp 24C.