Captain's Log
9 January 2002

Pray for Wind

At 0630 hours this morning I handed Command of Young Endeavour to Captain Jess, 16 and she excitedly accepted the symbol of command, the telescope and then they were off…. well sort of. After breakfast the YC sailed the ship from her anchorage braced for strong southerlies – instead they got light northerlies. After a few tense tacks to clear reefs, rocks and finally the bay they are well underway to reach the objective, Devonport, many miles away.Youth crew entries today by Toya, Gilbert and Kristie.Latoya Leanne Wedlake, 1984 Quirindi.Hello people, today aboard Young Endeavour would have been the most challenging for all of us young Aussie battlers, as it was our command day ��� the day the youth take over. I think we’re doing fine, everyone is extremely encouraging and mistakes are nothing but lessons and laughs. The whole trip so far has been exhilarating, the beauty of the seas is indescribable and the storm we experienced whilst crossing the Bass Strait was wild, taking the helm with blistering waves crashing the deck and 50knot winds was just an incredible experience. I’d just like to mention that without the constant encouragement of the staff especially ed, ed, eddy (my watch leader) nothing would of been as possible. Also I would like to thank Quirindi Shire Council for making this happen, and giving me such an advantage in life. PS love you mum, dad, Bec, and Rach missing you all so very much see you all Saturday.Kristie Hawkes 21 Orange.Well hello everyone, what can I say this has definitely been an awesome experience. I came aboard the Young Endeavour not knowing what to expect, the only thing I did know was that I was going to be seasick and that I was, but that was only half the challenge to get over. Our command day has been quite difficult with very light winds but we’re trying our hardest, so please pray for wind, but not too much ��� we would like to get over the vomiting stage. Paul and Damo our XO and WO say hi to everyone because they can type. Anyway mum, dad and elyse I hold the position of watch officer which involves safety and navigation of the ship and I’m loving my position ��� hope you’re having fun in Noosa ��� cant wait to join you, love you all lots krist-lou xoxoxoxox.Chris Gilbert 17 Yackandandah.Firstly I would like to thank my mum ��� thankyou so much, I’m have a great time after being sick for 2 days. I now feel super. I got the job of Navigator and I’m now siting in Noland Bay with no wind so I don’t have much to do. The people are great and I’ve been up the mast for a few hours. I’m always having fun and doing new things. It looks like we’re about to have a much needed water fight and a few games ��� tell you all about it when I get back. Miss you all so much love from your slowly maturing son Chris.PS Dad we are at S 40 56 E 147 12 Stay tunedAndrew Davis


40° 55' South / 147° 14'


CO's LOG Wednesday 9 Jan 02Current situation at 1800: Command Day - somewhere in Bass Strait. Wind - northerly at 10 knots. Temp - a chilly 17C.