Captain's Log
22 January 2009

Port Phillip Bay

Ahoy Shipmates, Despite experiencing light and variable winds overnight we continued to make good ground towards Port Phillip Bay. A gale warning had been issued for Victorian Waters for the evening of Thursday 22 January and given the forecasted winds of 30-40kts with a nasty 6m swell I decided that I would prefer to have the ship safely inside the Bay rather than battling through a very unpleasant night in Bass Strait. I was also conscious of the fact that I only had a limited tidal window to pass through the infamous Rip (entry to Port Phillip Bay). By morning brief the wind had strengthened from the north and given these favourable conditions we set maximum sail and made good progress towards the entry to the Bay with our entry now programmed for slack water at 1700. During the morning and early afternoon I spent time with each of the watches discussing sail theory and in particular the intricacies of sailing Young Endeavour. By 1600 we were only 3nm from the Rip and following a quick set of demonstration tacks we made our entry into the confines of Port Phillip Bay, in doing so, making both our tidal window and avoiding a very unpleasant night in Bass Strait. On entering the Bay we proceeded up the main channel to Capel Sound, handing in all sail before finally coming to anchor just of the township of Rye at 1920. Once at anchor the Youth Crew proceeded aloft to put sea furls on all of the sails before commencing their watches for the night. Tonight the Youth Crew will remain in their normal sea watches so that they can complete both the Apples & Onions (communications exercise) and Bearex (communication, teamwork and initiative exercise). Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


38° 21' South / 144° 49' East


Currently at anchor just of the township of Rye and experiencing strong 25-30kt SW winds