Captain's Log
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7 March 2000


There never seems to be a dull moment on a tall ship. After a relaxing time ashore in Dromana yesterday it was back on board for final Command Day briefings and elections, followed by a flurry of Youth Crew planning in preparation. Settling down to what was suppose to be a quiet night, the Youth Crew watch fulfilled their duties admirably, alerting staff to the fact that the ship was dragging anchor as 35 knot winds swept through the area at 0330 this morning. It took over an hour to weigh, reposition and reset theanchor. On the plus side the anchor chain got a really good scouring in the sandy bottom.At 0630 the Youth Crew took over the ship and are now sailing her around the Bay in a lively 25 knot wind. At 1045 a message was given to Captain Vanessa tasking the Youth Crew to proceed at best speed to render assistance to a fictitious vessel in distress some 15 miles away. Twenty minutes later they had piled on the canvas, altered course and were reaching at an exhiliarating 10.7 knots towards the stricken vessel’s position. Meanwhile the cooks werevaliantly preparing lunch with the galley at a challenging 40 degree angle of heel (try that at home).Rescue mission successfully accomplished we are now heading for Port Arlington to complete their next task. Tune in tomorrow and we will see how they went.Cap’n Bob. 


38°3's / 144°56'e


Course north-east, Speed 10 knots, Wind south-east 25 knots, partly cloudy, Temp 18 degrees