Captain's Log
18 March 2017

Port Hacking to Sea

At 0630 Sailmaster Evan woke the crew and got them up on deck for a quick early morning activity. This was followed by breakfast and the morning brief. The crew met ” Nana Diesel” for the first time during the brief. Nana lives onboard and appears during the voyages to help the Youthies to learn how to tidy up after themselves. She goes through their cabins picking up clothes left lying around and then brings them to the brief and she shames the owners by forcing them to admit who owns them.At 1000 we landed Amy, one of the youthie members of white watch, who unfortunately had suffered from sea sickness from day 1 of the voyage. She had difficulties keeping food down and eventually fatigue got the better of her. She made the decision this morning that she couldn’t keep going any longer and asked us to arrange for her Mum to come and pick her up. We were all sad to see Amy leave and are sorry she couldn’t finish the voyage wit us.At 1300 the Ship weighed anchor, departed our Port Hacking anchorage and set the fore-and-aft sails. We then undertook rotational tacks, where the watches rotated through the other watches’ tacking stations to gain an understanding of what they do when the Ship Tacks.We are now close hauled on the port tack making ground towards Jervis Bay, where we expect to anchor tomorrow afternoon, following a set of demonstrational tacks, which we will probably conduct inside the bay.Until tomorrow.Yours, Aye Captain Mike


34 11.9' S / 151 09.5' E


Wind: 120/20 kn; Weather: partly cloudy with showers reducing; Swell: from the east at 1.5 m; Temp: 24 deg