Captain's Log
V05B/15 - Passage Five - Part B
8 May 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 3 of our voyage. Since sailing from Aalborg we have been blessed with good weather and where I would normally expect to have half the new crew down with seasickness on our second day at sea just about everyone is fine which is really helping us to move along with our training program.Given the light and variable conditions overnight the watches were kept busy with numerous set and furls of sails including the squares which also meant plenty of climbing as well. All of this sail work culminated in us completing our first set of tacks as a crew this morning (put the bow of the ship through the wind) which worked extremely well and demonstrated to the Staff that our new World Voyagers are quickly becoming proficient at sailing the ship.Following one of Chef Marcos’s fantastic lunches we had a short ‘siesta’ then it was straight into a set of ‘rope races’. This activity is designed to teach the crew how to locate and identify the many sheets, tacks, halyards, buntlines, braces and many other lines that we have onboard Young Endeavour. Today’s focus was not so much on lines but more on safety equipment with all of the watches doing really well.On completion of rope races it was straight into a navigation brief given by our resident Navigator Miquela. During this voyage we hope to teach all of the World Voyages how to navigate the ship not only by modern methods but also bringing back a little of yesteryear with some instruction on how to navigate by the stars using a sextant.This evening the winds remain light so I predict that all of the watches will be kept busy throughout the night setting and furling sails trying to take advantage of the lightest of breezes that will keep us moving through the water.The current forecast is for these conditions to continue for the next 24hrs so we will make the most of this pleasant weather whilst we can because here in the North Sea it can change very quickly.Writing tonight’s edition of Captains Log is Red Watch, Enjoy!Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavCAPTAINS LOG – 05 AUG 15There could not have been a better way for the WV05B crew to start the day than sunshine and calm weather. Coin slot and pass the orange games caused us all a lot of laughter and a good chance to know each other. A siesta in the sun was beautiful with many of us lying down on the deck to soak up the sunshine which was followed by a great introduction into navigation by Miquela! We have been amazed at the awesome food we are provided with here on the ship, it is top quality and the staff are so great and fun to be with!Today’s glorious weather was in stark contrast to the previous night’s thunderstorm, with lightning and horizontal rain. We came off watch looking like drowned rats, so it was quite a relief to come on deck this morning to be greeted by sunshine and warmth.Morning brief introduced the Bravo Crew to Salty while the continuing crew had to live through the same jokes from Knuckle as at the start of Voyage 05A. Salty brought the Bravos up to speed with ship to ship hailing, which apparently also works with members of the opposite sex (I like the cut of your jib). Happy hour followed (brief as per usual) and Bravos learned some of the many spots Knuckle checks for dirt. Hands were called for the first set of tacking stations of the voyage just before lunch and a tack and a wear were completed without a hitch.The post lunch siesta was followed by round one of Bravo rope races, covering the safety equipment from Taffy’s brief yesterday. Ropeys was followed by Miquela’s Navstraviganza, then deck games.Red Watch had the Second Dog Watch with Knuckle, who asked everyone 4 set questions and a random one so we could learn more about each other. Watch was finished off with a climb to the lower top.Red Watch signing off from the KattegatSending love to my family both in Australia and Denmark! Hope you see this, this trip is amazing! Love ErinHey Puneet hope you are all safe and well and missing you lots! Talk soon, love Alyce. P.S can you tell mum and dad I’m having lots of fun.Happy Birthday to my very best friend Kivvie! It was so very lovely to get a quick birthday chat in with you today. I hope you enjoyed your day and dinner with family and friends. All my love and I can’t wait to be there next year for the BIG one…. 30!!! Jodes xxHi mum, dad, Sarah, Terrance, Bek and Shayne! Missing you guys heaps but also having a great time sailing between Denmark and Sweden (never thought I’d get to say that!) I can’t believe I’m halfway through my voyage already, it has gone so quickly. Talk to you when we get to Germany. Give Luie and Rhubarb a hug for me. Love Lauren xx (also if any V05A white watch are reading this, we won rope races!!!!)


57 degrees 49 minutes North / 11 degrees 13 minutes East


Currently located 20nm to the east of Cape Skagen and experiencing light and variable SW winds with nil swell. Current speed is only 1kt and the temperature is 18 degrees.