Captain's Log
17 December 2008

Plain sailing

Ahoy Shipmates, Overnight conditions were very light, with an average 10 knots of breeze from the SE. The few YC members who had experienced seasickness on the first night out seemed to have recovered by morning brief and by early afternoon the ship was passing the Bass Strait Oilfields some 20nm south of Point Hicks. During the day the YC were entertained by Rope Races, an interactive Rule of the Road lecture and the sail theory lecture in preparation for Command Day. In the afternoon the light South Westerly wind was used for rotational tacks ��� practicing tacking and wearing the ship in the other watches’ tacking stations. Once complete the YC handed the square sails and settled into their night watches. During the night watches the YC are scheduled to complete an on-watch activity designed to facilitate teamwork, and a constructive feedback activity, as the ship continues to make ground towards the North, and hopefully to see Old Tom that most famous Eden Killer Whale. Until tomorrow, fair winds and following seas to you all. Yours AyeCaptain Matt


38° 7' South / 149° 22' East


Light South Westerly winds, swell from 260 at half a metre, weather is mainly overcast at a comfortable 17 degrees