Captain's Log
13 May 2008

Perfect Sailing

Ahoy Shipmates, This morning saw the YE Crew wake to beautiful Noosa morning, so given these conditions, our early morning activity (EMA) consisted of a refreshing swim followed by a hearty BBQ breakfast served on deck. Once morning brief and ���happy hour�� were complete I briefed the YC on the intricacies of sailing away from anchor and in brilliant conditions YE successfully completed this evolution, and in doing so, provided the Noosa locals with a perfect view of the Ship under full plain sail departing Laguna Bay. Early afternoon saw us conduct the second set of rope races, which again was a very closely contested event between all three watches. This was followed by a very informative lesson on the scientific art of navigation given by the Ships Navigator. Freshening south easterly winds during the afternoon provided the ideal conditions to set both the fisherman and gaff topsail and by late afternoon YE was south east of Double Island Point making good ground to the north east with a perfectly balanced sail plan making good 7kts. During the night watches this evening the YC will continue to consolidate their newly found sailing and navigation skills as the ship continues to make good ground up the east coast of Fraser Island.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


25° 42' South / 153° 26' East


Currently sailing on a starboard broad reach under full plain sail and experiencing moderate South easterly winds