Captain's Log
13 April 2002

Peak Performance

Current situation at 1800: We made it through Backstairs Passage without tacking owing to a windshift brought about by our resident weather girl, JO. We had a fairly relaxing day – but we still did lots. Setting sails, deck games, lectures and a bit of sleep to recharge the batteries and keep us working at peak performance.The weather cleared a tad and we had some good sailing. The wind is coming from the direction we need to travel to, hence we are tacking at all times of the day and night. But tacks are for free,are they not ? This evening the wind is picking up and is making life difficult for Polly, the chef, to cook pizzas. Instead he’s cooked us orange shortbread and there’s chocolate mousse for dessert. If we can tack enough times we may make it to Robe by Sunday afternoon to participate in the closing celebrations of Encounter 2002, the festival commemorating the discoveries of MatthewFlinders.Youth Crew entry by: Michael Witte, 16, Mildura, VICHello Mum, Dad + Family, it took only two day for the sea sickness to get the better of me, but that is the least of my worries. The first few days have been a steep learning curve, but as we learn more about the ship things are becoming a lot easier. I would like to thank the Wentworth Shire Council for sponsoring my berth on the ship and i am looking forward to telling many tales when i arrive home.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


36° 30' South / 139° 0'


At Sea at speed in Encounter Bay, south of the Coorong. Wind sou'easterly at 25 knots. temp 15C (nippy)