Captain's Log
12 May 2015


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 13 of our voyage. Well being Saturday our World Voyagers have enjoyed a Saturday Sea Routine which has meant only working half the day and giving everyone a free afternoon where they can catch up on some sleep, do some washing and even watch a movie if they choose.

The big news of the day has been the mixing of the watches, so gone are the Red, White and Blue which have been replaced by the very appropriate Arctic, Ice and Polar. Mixing up the watches has proven to be very successful throughout all of the World Voyage Passages as it gives the World Voyagers a chance to spend time with all of the crew not just those from their original watches. In one weeks time they will be shuffled around again before returning to their original watch for the final week of the voyage.

Weather wise it has been an interesting day with passing rain squalls which have brought with them stronger winds and of course extremely cold rain. It has kept our crew on their toes with plenty of sails to be furled then reset once the squall has passed.

Currently we are located 1760nm from Cape Town and experiencing moderate to strong south westerly winds with a 2m SW swell. We are just about as far south as we intend to go and have now altered course to the east and will continue to pick up the favourable strong cold fronts as they continue to cross the Indian Ocean.

Volunteering to write tonight’s Captain Log is Brigida and Alice from the newly formed Arctic Watch, please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Today is Saturday! Hoorah for sleep-ins and sunshine! Even though the sun did peak periodically through the clouds (we knew we were on course if Kenny was standing in the sun, and if our helming was off Kenny ended up in the shade!) it is still freezing.

Today was a big day for everyone on board as it marked the beginning of new watch rotations! We said goodbye to red, white and blue and hello to our new, weather appropriate themed watches: Arctic, Polar and Ice. After a brief penguin interruption during morning brief, we were nominated into our new groups. This new mix means that there are some familiar faces and new people to interrogate. To give everyone a bit of a break, watch rotations were stood down until 1600.

During our enforced rest period a movie was played – Absolutely Anything, which was silly but entertaining. Games were also played, and our ship-wide chess tournament is progressing nicely. A few retreated to their bunks, as they are the only place where one can actually get warm on board! Our current record for clothing layers is Taylor with 8 layers on top – we think she is trying to wear her entire wardrobe before the end of the Voyage in one go – The Michelin Man would be so proud. Others were more actively minded and participated in Frozen Boga (Boat Yoga) and a fitness circuit which gave us another excuse to get warm.

Following dinner, the new watch rotations started, with Ice watch getting the ball rolling, and Arctic Watch (The A Team) following after dinner with Second Dog Watch. Hamish decided to bring his French Onion Soup up to the bridge to finish his dinner on watch. He rested the cup on a supposedly non-slip surface – but as you can all guess, if you rest a non-secured item on a rolling ship, the inevitable happened. Sneak Soup Attack! What a great start to Arctic watch, however it could be construed as a good bonding activity, as a lot of the group chipped in to clean up, and commiserate with the few who sacrificed their wet weather jackets to the Soup God.

Arctic Watch are very excited to get to know each other over the next week before the watch rotations get mixed up again, so we spend time with everyone on board.

Until next time…… All our love from Brigida & Alice V (Arctic Watch).

Shout Outs:

Hi Grandma, we are down at latitude near Invercargill. You were right about it being cold down this way. H’s magic being on the water all day every day. Sleeping on the ocean is bliss. Miss you. Love you, Kate. Xoxo

Hi Karen, Miss you more than Hong Ha. Xoxo – Not Long now – Shaun

Shout out to Mum, Sam & Jess, we are sailing around the Southern Indian Ocean SE of Madagascar at 45⁰ S. Hope you are having fun! Lys, I miss you and will see you soon, not long left x Tim

Hey Summer, if you’re not busy over the next few days, we are hanging out at 44⁰ South. Feel free to join in the fun. Lots of Love – Rose, Josh, Rhi, Jamie, Alice D and all other World Voyages.

Dear Mum, Dad and Widget, Hope all’s well with you. Having a fabbo time, even if I can’t quite feel my toes any more. All my Love, Alice D


44 degrees 22 minutes South / 53 degrees 33 minutes East


Currently located 1760nm from Cape Town and experiencing moderate to strong SW winds with a 2m SW swell. Our current speed is 8kts and the temperature is 9 degrees.