Captain's Log
15 February 2007

Passage to Wellignton, Day 2

Ahoy Shipmates,Welcome to the log for day 2 of our passage – apologies for the late posting, but we are having some server issues.Last night (Wednesday) and today have been a bit frustrating. The headwind has been a bit variable, but we have now had reasonably steady breeze from the ENE, so we are able to motorsail at 8-9 knots, just not in exactly the right direction (It’s a sailing ship thing).To tell you about her experiences so far, here is YC Jess:Hi all. At the moment my watch is on a 12am to 4am shift after about 5 hours of sleep, but I’ll try and put some thoughts together for you all. I have had a bit of trouble adjusting to the motion of the ship (Lisa B you were right), but it is something that you get used to! It’s pretty cool to be out in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight. The staff crew are really great and keep things interesting with songs games and general sillyness. I’m feeling muscles that I never knew I had before and learning lots. I have a few hello’s for people back home; Mum, Dad, Ange, Marty and Jess. Hello to all my friends – you know who you are, and also all the crew at Colony 47 working hard.Thanks Jess – To date the program has focussed on the detail of actually sailing the ship; tomorrow (Friday) we we start lloking at sail theory, the practise of navigation, and start work on some personal development tasks.All are well, seasickness (for most) is a recent memory, and we are all looking forward to arriving in Nelson N.Z. in about 800nm.Until tomorrow, me hearties,Yours AyeChrisChris GallowayCommander, RANCommanding Officer


36° 10' South / 157° 40' East


Wind: ENE 15 knots, sea and swell low, partly cloudy and cool.