Captain's Log
19 March 2017

Passage to Twofold Bay Via Jervis Bay

Ahoy there shipmates,A valuable night was spent at sea with the youth crew consolidating their watch-on-deck, engineering rounds and sail handling skills; whilst further getting to know their watch mates. The watches also undertook the leadership activity called the “Bearex”, designed to challenge and encourage their leadership, teamwork and communication skills.After Morning Brief the Ship entered Jervis Bay at approximately 0900 to conduct Demonstrational Tacks. This activity gives each youthie the opportunity to observe what occurs on the bridge during a Tack or a Wear. This is valuable for everyone’s general knowledge and is vital for the youth crew Captain, Navigator and Sailmaster forCommand Day. The Ship anchored off Honeymoon Bay just after lunch.After the next episode of “Rope Races”, we unfortunately farewelled another youthie, Jasmine Hutchinson, who also asked to be put ashore because she was suffering too severely from sea sickness. Jazzy was picked up at Callala Bay by her Mum.The Youthies are ashore now enjoying a walk and swim at Honeymoon Bay.It is intended to remain at anchor here until after dinner and then weigh anchor and continue our passage south.Until tomorrow.Yours Aye, Captain Mike


35 01.5' S / 150 46.2' E


Wind: 10 Kn NE breeze; Weather: sunny periods with passing showers; Swell: nil; Temp: 24 deg. C