Captain's Log
V05A/15: Passage Five - Part A
18 July 2015


Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 7 of our voyage. Just after 2300 last night we completed our long pilotage out of the Thames then farewelled our Pilot. Due to the favourable tides we made better speed than previously anticipated so rather than spend the night avoiding heavy shipping traffic in the English Channel I decided to change our original plans of continuing to sail overnight and instead go to anchor and give everyone the opportunity to get some much needed sleep, especially our Navigator Miquela and other members of my bridge staff who had an extremely busy day.Given that we will not have many opportunities to go to anchor during this voyage due to our crossing of the North Sea and participation in the Tall Ship races, remaining at anchor has given us the chance to progress through a number of activities normally reserved for later in the voyage and it has also given the World Voyagers more time to spend together outside of their watches so that they get to know a little more about each other. Following a full day of activities we departed our anchorage early this evening and are now experiencing some pleasant sailing as we make our way along the English Coast to Lowestoft where we are scheduled to berth alongside at 0800 tomorrow morning.Lowestoft is important in the life of Young Endeavour as it is where she was built and it is extremely special to be finally taking her back to where it all began. Despite it only being a short 32hr visit I know that the local community are excited about seeing the ship again and I am sure that we will receive a very warm welcome. Writing tonight’s Log is Blue Watch’s Mikey, Leanne and Ethan. Enjoy! Until our departure from Lowestoft, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav CAPTAINS LOG 18 JUL 15 AHOY! Greetings from Blue Watch! Mikey, Leanne and Ethan here! It’s currently 1800 and we have just finished an amazing dinner put on by Marcos and his dish daisies. We are in the challenge room writing this as the radio chatters away with vessels talking between each other and the coast guard. Last night as we piloted up the River Thames we were well ahead of schedule. Therefore we anchored at Inner Sunk which is 70NM out of London. Last evening Blue Watch went aloft led by Dr. Nick to enjoy the sunset from the lower top and with Mikey, Lucy, Tim climbing further to the upper top and the Topsail Yards. Observing the sunset from aloft was a great experience and nice way to send off a busy day. It was a clear night last night so Blue Watch were able to lie on deck for a brief period to enjoy some star gazing with minimal light pollution. We look forward to learning about navigation especially using the stars like old times. We dropped anchor close to midnight and managed to wake up all the girls in the 12 berth cabin below as the anchor chain is stored below. Screams could be heard throughout the ship as panic ensued as the girls were not prepared for the rude awakening. After, a nice sleep was enjoyed by all. At 0700 sharp, Wakey wakey was performed by White Watch who sung to us through the PA with breakfast ready soon after (another amazing meal, with chocolate chip pancakes). Morning watch had an appearance from Salty who told us about the old sea tale of why the toilets on a ship are called the heads. Happy hour followed and as Kenny says ‘A happy ship is a clean ship, and a clean ship is a healthy ship’. In preparation for the upcoming tall ship races, Taffy took us through a ‘crash course’ on the rules of the road – for the sea. A very informative and interactive time was had. Free time was enjoyed before lunch, basking in the beautiful weather, with some people sun baking, others grabbing a quick nap and others hanging out and relaxing. After lunch we went into Rope Races Round 2, with Blue Watch performing well with our knowledge of the sails and the lines. Then we were split up into groups of 3, one person from each watch to learn more about each other – three way talks as they are called by the Staffies. After 90 minutes we then presented what we had learned to everyone by pretending to be one our fellow shipmates. It was a great chance to know everyone that we haven’t had the chance to yet.Followed by this we had some fun with everyone playing some ‘team building’ games that involved close encounters, clenching and fruit… We will weigh anchor at 2000 and start sailing to Lowestoft where the ship was built; we are looking forward to practicing our skills, and hosting a function tomorrow night on board. Hi to Mum, Dad and Caleb! Wishing you all well, and can’t wait to see you all soon!  Thankyou to Melissa, Anthony, Caitlin and Ewan for helping me around London and catching up with me numerous times! You guys really made me want to stay longer! Wishing everyone else back home all the best and I miss you all! Also I’ve been wearing a hat so I don’t get burnt on my bald head! Love EthanShout out to Red, wishing you are well! Make sure you play with Spike and Squid for me. Dear Joan, I hope the Vernal Pools are holding water and the shield shrimp are thriving. Love Mikey,Hi to Ng family – hoping it’s not too cold in Melbourne and that everyone is well. Greg – miss you and see you soon in Copenhagen. Love Leanne.


51°53'n / 1°37'e


Currently located 40nm to the SE of Lowestoft and experiencing moderate 10-15kt SE winds with nil swell. Current speed is 4kts and the temperature is 17 degrees