Captain's Log
26 November 2015

Passage Eight’s First Storm

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 4 of our voyage. During the morning watch the conditions deteriorated very quickly with the wind backing to the SE and gusting up to 40kts. Thankfully precautions had been taken before this hit with upper sail reduced and the jib furled which meant the ship and most importantly the crew handled it well.Given these conditions we have been under storm sails for most of the day riding out the worst of the storm and trying to make it as comfortable as possible for all onboard. It has also meant the cancellation of activities for the day as it has just been to rough to do anything except keep our watches so I really haven’t got any news for you this evening. That said, our World Voyagers do so please enjoy tonight’s edition written by Rose and Rhianna from Red Watch, please enjoy!Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav Captains Log – 26 Nov 15Ahoy there land lubbers. Greetings and salutations from Red WatchWe began our watch at 2000 with our first swashbuckling of sea furling the T’gallant by Red watch leader Shaun and world voyagers Jimi, Megan and Rose battling through the rocking and rolling of the ocean. As quoted by Jimi “It was epic”.Today started with 25 knots of wind gusting above 40 Knots; being able to see the ocean coming over our bunk port hole. Breakfast required ninja skills of attempting to catch your maple syrup before it rolled off your pancake. Impressive skills displayed by the ninja chefs, Jenko, Matt, Bec and Rebecca.0800 watch began with a group effort between Blue and Red watches to hand in the main sail followed by replacing the main sail with the storm tri sail. Jimi and Megan “volunteered” to climb the main mast to sea furl the main sail, with skills comparable to those often seen by chimpanzees, with legs and arms going in all directions. With some subtle assistance from the staff crew the main sail was secured and the storm tri sail set. The remainder of the watch was windy and wet but kept in good spirits with close attention to the oooooh aaaaah meter which reached 37⁰ to port.The general vibe on board has risen with less pale faces, more colour in cheeks and more food being eaten. Red watch has had the opportunity this afternoon to R and R, play board games, card games, listen to some tunes and catch up on some journal writing.These are not ideal weather conditions for doing the laundry. We are hoping for a smoother night of sailing with slightly less rock and roll and a little more sunshine tomorrow.Lots of love from 35⁰ SouthRose and Rhianna (Red Watch)Shoutouts:Hi Zulu, mummy loves you! – Rose I miss and love you Jack and am having a great time xx. I am almost over the sea sickness.- Rhianna Hi mum- Love Matt GHappy Birthday Mum!- Love KateHi mum I hope you are feeling better- Love Bec S


35 degrees 49 minutes South / 21 degrees 46 minutes East


Currently located 100nm to the SE of Cape Agulhas experiencing strong to very strong 20-30kt SSE winds with a 2-3m confused swell. Our current speed is 6.5 kts and the temperature is 15 degrees.