Captain's Log
22 March 2000

Outer Harbour, Adelaide

The youth crew came to within a few miles of their final objective before the wind died shortly after lunch. Engines were turned on for the final minutes of Command Day and these guys had done very well. They had worked hard and achieved a great deal. Once at anchor off Semaphore Beach, just to the south of Port Adelaide, the Beach Assault Team charged ashore. Once ashore they drummed up support from the locals for a wonderful rendition of our national anthem.The Command Day was now over but the fun was not. All of the crew proceeded ashore for a sports afternoon followed by a BBQ. It was a lovely afternoon and evening and the magnificent sunset with the ship in the foreground made for a great Kodak moment.Later in the evening with everybody back onboard, we debriefed the Command Day. This was thought provoking as both the good and not so good elements of the experience were discussed.This morning we weighed anchor shortly after 0800 and proceeded to Adelaide Outer Harbour berthing at 0900. We are about to embark about 30 guests, mostly young intellectually disabled kids, and take them for a three-hour sail. We’ve got a fresh breeze so I think we’re in for an exciting time. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow in my final instalment for this voyage.


34° 46' South / 138° 29'


Wind NW 20 kts, Temp 19, Clear skies.