Captain's Log
27 June 2009

Our destination

Hello everyone,Today was a busy day indeed. Up early to weigh anchor and proceed into Mackay, arriving at 9:00 am to embark 45 guests, including disabled and disadvantaged youths, people from local Rotary clubs and friends of the Crew. We sailed at 10:00 am and enjoyed three hours of fun sailing just outside Mackay harbour. The Youth Crew were wonderful hosts and a credit to Young Endeavour.Having returned alongside and disembarked our guests, we sailed again and anchored off Slade Island just near the entrance to Mackay Harbour. After the final rope race session it was determined that Blue Watch were the winners. We then did harbour furls of the square sails ��� basically folding the whole sail handful by handful and pulling it up to sit on top of the yards. Hard yakka but after about 90 minutes we were done and they are amongst the best harbour furls I have seen.As I type the Youth Crew are doing their end of Voyage talks, six monthly letters which they write to themselves and which are subsequently posted in six months to remind people what they were thinking on the Voyage. The Staff are also doing some checks before we man the yards and proceed alongside tomorrow morning.It has been a great Voyage and the Youth Crew have done very well. I am sure the Youth Crew will take a tremendous amount away from the experience ��� new friends, discovery excitement and challenge to name some.Many thanks for following our progress and wherever we may meet it will be a pleasure to reflect on this wonderful opportunity.Yours Aye,Dave Jordan (Yak)Voyage Captain


21° 5' South / 149° 15' East


Calm night - good for sleeping!