Captain's Log
1 July 2006


With winds abated to 10-15kts, Young Endeavour continued a slow passage north, averaging 4-5kts. Over night Youth Crew conducted the bear ex. This is an exercise designed to pool the collective knowledge of a watch to complete an excercise without any staff input. Relying heavily on team work and lateral thinking it is challenging and rewarding.Today has turned out to be exactly what you would expect of sailing in the tropics – sundrenched, warm and the perfect opportunity to soak up the serenity.Below are the comments of some of the Youth Crew members on board:MickWho said sailing a tall ship was hard work. We’ve enjoyed nothingbut beautiful sunshine today as we sail north past Magnetic Islandheading for Dunk Island. The hurling sea sickness of days ago hasbeen replaced with knowledge and smiles as command day approaches.The delights on the taste buds from Sammie in the Galley and theskills and tricks taught to us by Hibbo and his crew have so far keptus out of trouble. With our sea legs now firmly below who needsland….. Tally Ho from YE.JuzzyWe are having a whale of a time. We have overcome the spewy stage ofthe voyage and are now feeling very much like true blue pirates. Weare eating like kings and being theatrically entertained by thestaffies. We are living and breathing the sea life and loving it.Aaaar.Until tomorrow…Ian HibbardLEUT, RANCaptain V10/06


18° 55' South / 147° 27' East


Winds abated to 10-15kts