Captain's Log
7 August 2000

Off to a great start

Command Day elections were held in the cafe yesterday evening after the ship anchored off Hummocky Is at 2000. The sound of cheers and applause certainly indicated a high level of enthusiasm for the command day. After the elections, the elected YC were given the opportunity to get some last minute advice from the staff members they were replacing.At 1000 this morning I handed command to Mark Pigram and YC 13/00. At 1101 the ship sailed from the anchorage and commenced passage to Gladstone. All fore and aft sail was set in good time and we were off to a great start. The SE winds were fresh and the sailing conditions just about perfect. The ship tacked at 1500 and to the apparent surprise of the YC, it went just fine. The three elected chefs, led by Dane, have produced excellent meals so far. Everything is going very well with the command day, although tonight will be the big test as we will need to tack regularly. As the YC get tired, the teamwork and motivation levels will become a telling factor. I’m confident they will get through with few worries. Time will tell.Stay tuned for the next instalment – Command Day Part 2Andrew


23° 23' South / 151° 17'


Wind E 5-20 kts, Temp 17, Partly cloudy