Captain's Log
2 July 2006


The serenity of yesterday morning continued through out the day and into the evening. Weather conditions were so favourable in fact that we were able to get out a complete press of sails, setting every single sail (except for the storm trisail) on board. It was indeed a grand sight to see Young Endeavour gracefully cutting through the waves with 11 sails set.Overnight watches continued with watch developement in the knowledgethat this would be their last night at sea before the challenge of Command Day.This morning brought the last test prior to Command Day, which was anassesment on safety of setting and furling sails. All watches passed with flying colours. Now at anchor off Dunk Island, we are about to head ashore for a swim and all important Command Day elections…Below are the commments of some of the Youth Crew on board:JacquelineI am writing this as the rest of the youth crew are preparing to goashore…to our own little island. We have just finished an exerciseto help us with Command Day, all are now confident that we can takeover the ship and not break anything or anyone.The sun is shining, the water is blue, our spirits are high and ourbellies are full.Passing on our hello’s to friends and family of all the youth crew.Cheers.Garry aka HijinxWe’re all having fun and learning heaps as Command Day slowlyapproaches. Personally, I am confident in our abilities to get usto Cairns but I am also conscious of everyone being tired and wornout. We are tired but we’re all pumped – ready to give 110%. We’re missing family and friends but at the same time realise thevalue of this program.Fully sic.Kurt AKA The TasmanianWell after a beautiful nights sailing last night the crew are nowenjoying some time ashore amongst the palm trees. I am happy withwhat I and the rest of the youth has achived to date am lookingforward to the next few days before Cairns. Time has simply flownpast and I know that come Thursday we will step off the ship as ateam that has achieved something pretty special. Hi to everybody at home too.CheersKurtTammiEvery thing is going great. shame it all going to be over soon.Every one should have a go. you will have the time of your life.Itgreat to push yourself as hard as possable. Until tomorrow…Ian HibbardLEUT, RANCaptain V10/06


17° 55' South / 146° 8' East