Captain's Log
9 June 2000

Nutsie fever…

Had a fairly slow start today not getting underway until after lunch. There was little point anyway as there was very little wind until then. We sailed from the anchorage and did a series of tacking drills. This was followed by my lecture on sail theory where I discovered that white board markers and rain do not mix very well. A second set of tacking drills were then completed. It is still raining and the ship is sailing north in a moderate SE wind. We are aiming towards Great Keppel Island or Port Alma as our next stop. There is a strong wind warning current and I am hoping for a quick trip tomorrow. The difficulty will be finding a decent comfortable anchorage.The YC are working well as a team now and after a good nights sleep and memories of seasickness almost forgotten, there has been a major outbreak of morale. YC entry by Susan Morgan (age 22, Bombers supporter from Melbourne) – After close to a full nights rest with only short anchor-watches most of the YC were refreshed and revitalised for a full days work. This morning we were visited by ‘Brother Nutsie’, the wind guru and everyone onboard chanted for some wind so we could set sail after lunch. After lunch it was time to practice tacking stations. Every watch rotated through the different stations and we all had a chance seeing the boat boat tack from the bridge and watching the Captain at work. Unfortunately while we got the wind we chanted for this morning, it also brought some heavy showers. Tonight’s watches will be in the wet with plenty of chances to tack or wear the ship. It is good to be over a bout of seasickness and now that I’m feeling much better all of the activities we do take on so much more meaning and I’m seeing the ship from a whole new perspective (standing on two feet).Until tomorrowAndrew (and Susan)


24° 41' South / 152° 48'


Course 000, Speed 5, Wind SE 12kts, Temp 18, scattered showers