Captain's Log
26 February 2002

Not to be Outdone ….

Current situation at 1800: Today the YC completed their Command Day mission and sailed into port. They thought their mission was unachievable without the right wind but they held on and managed to sail all the way to theanchorage.After the BAT scored 63 in the impromptu Port Lincoln choir, put together by our fearless team, to sing the National Anthem, we sat round on deck and talked about things the YC learned about teamwork during their 26 hours in Command. (By the way, they did catch the rare SA Crow Eating Tuna – it’s hanging up in the cafe)Later we all went ashore to see Port Lincoln for the first time, before returning to a yummy deck BBQ. In the evening we held our concert. The Staffies were so impressed by the YC performances and hate being outdone, that we exhausted our entire reportoire on them. He he he.Tomorrow is another big day. The YC, I imagine, are a tad weary and need some well earned rest overnight.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


34° 42' South / 135° 52'


At anchor Boston Bay, Port Lincoln.Wind sou'easterly at 12 knots, temp 23C.