For over thirty years, the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme has been recognised internationally as a leading youth development program for youth aged 16-23 years. Our voyages increase self-awareness, develop teamwork and leadership skills and create a strong sense of community responsibility amongst members of the youth crew.

Businesses and community organisations can nominate specific young Australians within their communities to join a voyage aboard Young Endeavour through our Scholarship Program. In doing so they are providing a unique development opportunity for those individuals, and ensuring that the Young Endeavour Youth Development Program continues to be available to a diverse audience into the future.

No prior sailing experience is required and most participants have never been to sea before. Youth crew are supervised and supported by a professional Royal Australian Navy crew whose members are carefully selected and trained to deliver the program and to ensure the highest standards of safety and care.


As a member of the 24 strong youth crew, your Candidate/s will meet the challenges of sailing a square-rigged tall ship, including how to navigate, keep watch, cook in the galley, set and furl sails, climb the 30 metre mast, and take the helm. During their eleven day voyage they will live ‘between decks’ in a close community with other youth crew from across Australia, and will be encouraged to identify and pursue personal and team goals and challenges.

Near the completion of the voyage, each youth crew will elect a command team and take full responsibility for the ship under sail for a twenty-four hour period, consolidating many of the skills they have learned during the voyage. On the final day of the voyage, the youth crew will also host a group of young Australians with special needs, sharing their experiences and further reinforcing the learning outcomes of the youth development program.


Community Scholarship partners are able to bypass the ballot process and select a voyage for their nominated Candidate/s. If a Candidate has not yet been identified, the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme will hold male or female berths on selected voyages as available at the time of booking.

Confirmation of voyage and Candidate/s is required no later than 8 weeks before the voyage commencement. This allows the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme to offer any positions not required by your organisation to young Australians who apply through our ballot.

When selecting voyages please consider factors that may affect availability, including leave, work commitments, exams, family events, travel times and costs. Please only nominate the voyages your Candidate/s are prepared to undertake.

Candidates who do not meet eligibility requirements or who have previously sailed in Young Endeavour may not be nominated

If you have any questions about a Candidate’s suitability please contact the Voyage Coordinator on 1800 020 444.


Young Endeavour Scholarship partners may nominate and fund an eligible young person for any of our scheduled voyages. To be eligible, your Candidate must:

Offers are provisional until the Candidate completes a Young Endeavour Youth Scheme health questionnaire, including their doctor’s assessment of their ability to undertake the voyage. This may be subject to further assessment by the Navy Fleet Medical Officer. A copy of the mandatory health questionnaire can be provided on request.

Please note, for safety reasons there are certain medical conditions, including some controlled by medication, which may preclude participation in the voyage, for example:

A voyage aboard Young Endeavour is not a leisurely cruise, but rather adventure training at sea. Each youth crew member is expected to participate fully in all aspects of sailing a tall ship.

Activities include:

While the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme will make every effort to place your Candidate on a voyage, the unique nature of the activities undertaken aboard a tall ship may require the need to take the Candidate’s safety, and that of the ship and other crew, into account when considering any health issues that may potentially be exacerbated by lack of sleep, sea sickness or physical exertion.


Your organisation and Candidate/s are responsible for travel arrangements to and from the ship. It is strongly recommended that travel insurance is obtained. This should cover contingencies such as accident or injury, cancellation of flights or unexpected changes in plans.

Please remember to check the refund and cancellation conditions of the travel booking to ensure bookings can be rescheduled if required.

STS Young Endeavour and the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme accept no responsibility for Youth Crew prior to joining the ship or after they depart the ship at the end of the voyage.


When a Scholarship booking is received the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme will process the request and provide an invoice for payment. The invoice must be paid by the due date as indicated, usually within 30 days. In the event that your Candidate is unable to join the nominated voyage the Scholarship may be transferrable to another voyage within the financial year in which it is paid (subject to availability).

Please note that berths that are held for scholarship Candidates are not able to be offered to young Australians who apply to join a voyage through the public ballot. We ask that you notify the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme at the earliest opportunity should a Candidate’s circumstances change.

Your organisation will be invoiced for the total number of berths indicated on the application form.


The Young Endeavour Youth Scheme Terms and Conditions are available on request or at

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