Captain's Log
8 May 2012

No Wind….

Ahoy There, It was a very quite night over night with little to no wind. We have been forced to continue to motor sail to the South with a whisper of wind. The Watch on deck were kept rather busy with the light winds, setting and furling sails as required and conducting their teamwork exercises. Just about everyone has been through navigation as well as consolidating their sail theory with some more sail trimming overnight. The morning brief was quite a long saga thanks to Salty’s (Jordo) explanation of where port, starboard and land lubber came from, all in all it took 23 minutes (a new Young Endeavour record). After the brief the crew went below to clean the ship while Kristy, Tim and I went in a search for some wind. We started out with 0kts and managed to find a few patches of 4kts that soon grew into 8kts. Which is excellent news and will let us get back into the sailing side of the program. With the additional wind we set all plain sail and started sailing once more. Steve took the Youth Crew for some deck games before lunch and judging by the laughter coming from the deck it was quite the popular event. I squeezed a snappy tack into the program just before lunch to start heading in a SE direction and then sent the crew below for lunch. Hayden is a celebrity chef for this voyage and he did an amazing job in the galley with a very fine spread of food provided. After lunch we squeezed in a set of rotational tacks, were the watches had a chance to see what the other watches do at tacking station before the wind finally died once more. We took in all sail and motored towards our planned anchorage at Heron island where we decided to go for a swim and have a bit of a deck party to round out the day. After everyone had done a couple of back flips of the rope swing we got the watches together to do their mid voyage de-briefs. This is a chance for the watches to provide a bit of feedback on how they feel they are progressing towards their individual and group goals as well as allowing them time to reflect on the voyage. After the de-briefs and dinner was it was onto a movie night. The first movie we showed them was an old favourite of the staff’s (and a voyage secret) and the second is my own personal favourite ‘White Squall’. There really is nothing better then watching a movie about tall ships on a projector at midships on a tall ship. Tonight the Youth Crew will maintain the safety of the ship once more as we remain at anchor. We plan on visiting the research station at Heron Island tomorrow to allow the Youth Crew to learn a little more about the Great Barrier Reef and how important conservation is. After that we plan on letting them loose ashore to enjoy yet another tropical paradise. The snorkelling here is exceptional and the sandy beach is the ideal location to lay back and reflect on the voyage and life in general. Until tomorrow, may you have a fair winds and following seas CAPT Matt The desire to build a house is the tired wish of a person content henceforth with a single anchorage. The desire to build a boat is the desire of youth, unwilling yet to accept the idea of a final resting place. Arthur Ransome Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become Mark Wolfgang


23° 26' South / 151° 53' East


Wind: Nil (again)Swell: Nil (Not complaining)Temp: 18 Degrees