Captain's Log
25 March 2010

New South Wales …

Hi everyone,Well we made it across Bass Strait, although our satellite coverage is a bit thin so hoping you will get this tonight.Earlier this morning at our daily briefing we had Nanna (Josh our engineer who goes around a picks up everyones clothes that have been left out) present Matty the dinasour doll for the fourth time (thanks Danni). The dinasour has been hung up publically as a deterrent to others to put away their stuff! The dinasour is still hanging half way up our flag halyard, to Danni\’s somewhat mild concern!!! We might give it back in the morning.We have just come to anchor at Eden (2200 or 10:00 pm) after six hours of light northerly conditions, which slowed our progress somewhat. This afternoon I took the watches through sail theory, which the team put to practice with some more setting and furling of the sails. Our bearex (initiative exercise) took the form of setting up and hoisting the seldom used (thank God) storm jib and for one of the watches, cooking us all breakfast (it was yummy).This evening we had a pizza night up on deck and then went through three-way talks, a public speaking opportunity to tell us about yourself, except you are someone else! In groups of three you learn about each other and then as you step up to the stage you are advised which other member of your group of three you are going to be – hillarious descriptions of lives lived (or not lived) and of course a charades episode of one\’s favourite movie. Lots of laughter and the Youth Crew presented themselves very well indeed – much more confident and accomplished in front of group than I ever was at that age.A good (stable) night\’s sleep at anchor and then a chance to go ashore to Eden tomorrow.Until then take care,Dave Jordan (Yak)Voyage Captain


37° 4' South / 149° 54' East


Light and variable winds, sea state 2 with a low and shallow northerly swell. We are now experiencing the high pressure system in full and expect this to dominate for the next 24 hours - clear skies and little wind, which is great for us being at anchor in Eden. Not that cold any more - yeah!