Captain's Log
7 June 2001

New Crewmembers

Today smoothed out beautifully. The swell died and the wind moved us along at a comfortable 5 knots. The YC have done heaps of climbing and sail setting and now are looking forward to a break in Alyangula. It’s on Groote Eylandt in the southwestern corner of the Gulf. Kath the WO (and keen swimmer) gave Karen a break in the galley and cooked a tremendous evening meal with three choices (four if you count dessert). The spew-o-meter is way down and it seems we have a couple of new crewmembers. They must be stowaways because we haven’t seen their faces before. Tomorrow we arrive in Groote. Its Aboriginal Reserve so we have been lucky enough to get a Permit to visit their land. We have an open day planned.Youth crew entry by Loz, age 18 from Canberra.Well its day four and things are looking up for me. The first couple of days of the voyage were most certainly a challenge, but hey, I guess that’s what we’re all here for….. getting over the whole sea sickness thing definitely is a relief, and I’m looking forward to the next 13… one thing that is weird is not being able to see a thing for miles but the clear blue ocean……… hello mummy and daddy I miss you heaps…. if you could send a message to Simey and tell him all is well and I miss him ��� same to Therese….. love you all see ya soon. love lozStay tunedAndrew Davis


13° 25' South / 136° 40'


CO's Log Thusday 07 Jun 01Current situation at 1800: At sea in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Temp 28C, wind sou'easterly at 10 knots.