Captain's Log
V06/19 Newcastle to Brisbane
29 April 2019

Nelson Bay to Sea

Ahoy there,
Day Two commenced with an early morning activity on deck at 0630 at anchor in Nelson Bay. Following showers and a hearty breakfast served-up by Chef Zac, Sail Master Harry introduced us to the ceremony of Colours and the spectacle that is the Morning Brief. We met ‘Salty the Seadog’ who is a font of knowledge on all things Nautical. It is his job to teach us the lingo of sailors, and in many cases the origin of these expressions.
Harry then treated us to ‘Happy Hour’ which is Young Endeavour’s name for housework. The daily cleaning of the Ship from stem to stern. Briefings on our climbing harnesses and the operation of the Ship’s climbing safety systems followed, before we launched into our first climbs to the Top Gallant Yard, the highest place in the Ship, 30 metres above the deck. We climbed by watches, one at a time, while the other two watches remained on deck and learnt about deck safety aspects.
As the watches completed their climbs they cycled through the cafe for one of Zac’s delicious lunches. The Ship weighed anchor and proceeded to sea once everyone had eaten and the Ship was secured for sea. As we cleared the entrance to Port Stephens we set our first sails and practised furling and setting them again until dinner.
At 1945 the Red watch closed up on the bridge to commence the First Watch (2000 – 2359). The intention is to remain at sea overnight motor-sailing northwards towards our next planned anchorage on Wednesday on the northern NSW coast. The exact location will be determined by the winds we experience along the way, and the effect they have on the speed we achieve, as well as the prevailing strength and direction of the wind and swell when we get there. There are not many sheltered anchorages in that part of the NSW coast.
Until tomorrow.
Yours aye,

Captain Mike


32 19.4' S / 152 40.2' E


Wind: Easterly at 9 Kts; Swell: 2.0 metres from the South; Temperature: 19 deg. C; Weather: Fine