Captain's Log
3 April 2001


Hi to the Simmons Family – thanks for the message – that’s really encouraging to hear your comments about the Captain’s Log – I’ll pass it on to my co-authors….Command Day is always a hard slog for the uninitiated. The YC had a big job and they coped really well. The mission was achieved and everyone had fun. In fact at times they made it all look easy. But that’s not to say there wasn’t plenty of good discussion in the debrief today that gave food for thought. Well done team: you sailed a Tall Ship from Noosa to Caloundra and you worked as a team to do it. I’ll let the YC Captain have her say…Youth Crew entry by Liz Perrin, 20, Adelaide.The last 48 hours have been challenging and exhausting but also the most rewarding days of our experience. This morning at 8:20 we officially reached the end of the Youth Crew Command Day, with a general sense of both pride and relief. We were proud of having safely and successfully commanded the ship to our endpoint and relief that we could then relinquish command to the Staff Crew. For me, the last two days was a real challenge and in many ways very daunting. After never having been on a boat before boarding Young Endeavour 7 days previously, I was voted Captain of the ship and was very nervous about my ability to do this with such little experience. However, I surprised myself by the amount I had actually absorbed during my time onboard. I shouldn’t have been so apprehensive though because we have a great group of people here who all pulled together and put their all in to make it work. We learned a lot and there are obviously things that we could, and perhaps should have done differently, but that was all part of the experience and I’m happy to say that if I could do it again I would want to do it with the same people. Thanks a lot everyone, you did a great job.I would also like to say hi to my family, I can’t wait to see you on Thursday. I have also been asked to say hi to James’ family and friends back in Orange, as well as to Carla’s family. Tom wants to say hi to his family and, as he probably won’t read this until he gets home, I’d like to say we’re disappointed that he is rushing back to Sydney and won’t be joining us for a drink when we dock in Brisbane. Anyway, having fun, Liz.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


27° 18' South / 153° 14'


Current situation at 1800: At anchor at the resort Mecca of Moreton Bay, Mud Island (aka MudVegas). Command Day complete: everyone is tired, happy and wind swept. Wind - guess which direction? at 30 knots. Temp 22C.