Captain's Log
20 April 2012

More wind please

Good evening shipmates, during the first watch yesterday evening the wind all but died and reluctantly the main engines were started. They remained on during the night but all of the YC were kept busy watch keeping on their first night underway. We have passaged northwards and are heading past our final destination of Mackay and aiming to arrive in the Whitsunday Passage tomorrow morning. The YC are settling well into shipboard life in a tall ship and although the winds have remained light, we did manage to sail throughout the day. Rick, the navigator provided a lecture on navigation in the afternoon and we all enjoyed an hour of silent running with everything mechanical and electrical shut down. As the sun set (with an unconfirmed green flash), what little wind we had also decided to call it a day. I can control many things in this ship but the weather is beyond my reach. We will continue to motor sail north over night and the YC will be honing their navigational and helming techniques. Captain Gunna Carpe’ diem


21° 9' South / 150° 7' East


Wind 150/5 kts, Temp 26C, Co 316, Sp 7