Captain's Log
16 October 2009

Monkey Mia

Hi Everyone, It was an early start again this morning with a well rested Youth Crew on deck at 0630 to launch boats and make preparations for proceeding ashore. Following breakfast and colours we commenced ferrying the Youth Crew ashore to the small resort township of Monkey Mia. Once ashore they walked the short distance along the beach to witness the famous Dolphin feeding, which had been previously arranged with the local Park Rangers. On completion of this feeding the Youth Crew were given free time to explore the area, swim of the beach or for most, partake of a ���fast food’ fix and souvenir shop at the general store. Prior to completion of this time ashore all watches sat down with their Watch Leaders and completed mid voyage talks. At 1300 with everyone back onboard the anchor was weighed, sail set and under a light north westerly breeze we departed Monkey Mia. This afternoon we celebrated Youth Crew member Jacquelyn Stevens 22nd Birthday complete with chocolate cake, which had been professionally decorated by other members of the Youth Crew. By early evening we had rounded Peron Shoals and had shaped a new course to the south west so that we could depart Shark Bay via the Naturaliste Channel. It is expected that we will have completed our passage through the Naturaliste Channel by 2200 and once we have rounded Cape Inscription we will shape a new course to the south east and commence making ground to Fremantle. Overnight the Youth Crew will complete the BEAREX, which is a teamwork and communication exercise. Please find below some more Captains Log Entries from the Youth Crew.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavYOUTH CREW CAPTAINS LOG Friday 16 October 2009Ahoy to all family and friends!Today was a pretty awesome day! It was Jacqueline’s 22nd birthday so had a bit of a party both on board and at Monkey Mia where we anchored and went ashore. Monkey Mia is famous for its dolphins which we were luckily enough to see during feeding time. About 8 dolphins swam between our legs when we jumped onto the foreign sand- finally no rocking! The water was clear and calm and most of us went for a much needed swim in this 30 degree heat. The red rock that is known to WA was beautifully contrasted to this stunning beach. Finally were all well and no ones harnessed on to the sides of the ship sea sick so were all digging into dinner and most importantly ���duff’ (desert stuff). I’m missing you mum and dad terribly (even worse when I was seasick) but at the same time having an absolute ball. Will see you all in 5 days time but for now stay safe and know that were having an awesome time and doing something that we will never forget. Lots of love to you all  Kisses and hugs. Amelia Norris.Youth Crew Captains LogA big hello to all the family missing everyone heeps! Today was awesome got to go ashore to monkey mia and feed the dolphins, play some volley ball and stock up on lollies. We are on watch at the moment playing games having a ball, everyone is awesome and I have made some great new friends. Hope my rooms clean when I get home.Love evan. Hey everyone! We had an awesome day today, nice and warm, had a great swim at Monkey Mia. Just set the sails and we’re off again now, nice and calm and sunny. Which is a nice change after the ���the perfect storm’ style waves we had the first few days��_ crazy! Just chilled out on the bow sprit and watched the sun set. No sea sickness which is good, but lots of bruises! So many great photos and even more stories for when I see you all! Everyone here is awesome and it is going way too quickly��_ See you all when I get back! Love you mum and dad!! Lots of love, EmHey all today was so cool getting to walk on land for the first time in a while it was goodHugged the first tree I could find.. also I seen my family at monkey mia, but soon after we got back to the ship and thought I had lost my wallet so I searched every where even rang mum to see if the could find it but still the could not find it.. till someone said did u check your shoe funny enough I laughed at them and said why would it be in the and I look and slowly walked away with my head down laughing and yea as you can guess there it was so yea it was a big relief to find that. I am having such a great time on the ship it is awesome having so much fun and learning new things. And btw FOOD! Is so good I was hoping to come on here to lose a couple of kg’s but I recon I am putting more on ( thanks Chad food its so good ) Im miss all my friends but its ok making new ones having an awesome time..Love mum dad and all the girlsPeace out all Pete 


25° 25' South / 113° 1' East


Currently located 4nm nort east of Cape Inscription and experiencing light to moderate W-SW winds with a 1m swell.