Captain's Log
12 April 2015


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 12 of our voyage. The wind freshened again early this morning which meant we were able to put the ship back under nearly a full press of sail for the majority of the morning before it moderated again which has meant a little more motor sailing as we await e next frontal system.

The sun did come out this afternoon which allowed most of us to thaw out whilst undertaking a number of activities with the most important being a good set of Demonstrational Tacks. This activity allows the World Voyagers to come to the bridge while I talk them through how we tack and wear the ship then complete a practical demonstration by physically tacking the ship. Today it worked well but was not easy as we still had a relatively big swell to deal with which always makes this activity a little more challenging for the Sail Master.

We should reach 44 degrees of latitude overnight and are still continuing further south to continue to pickup the most favourable winds, but as we know not the warmest of temperatures. Currently we are located 1575nm from Cape Town motor sailing under a modified sail plan in moderate WSW conditions.

Tomorrow it is our intention to mix up the watches so that it gives everyone a chance to spend more time with other members of the World Voyage Crew and other Staff Watch Leaders.

Volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Dylan and Matt, please enjoy!!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


G’day from a chilly 43⁰ S!

Today’s weather started out fairly bleak with showers threatening to ruin the day. However, through careful navigation from Blue Watch whilst the staffies were in their morning meeting, we managed to save the day. Blue sky appeared as the sun shone through the clouds to warm frozen noses and rosy cheeks.

At morning brief we got to witness another brilliant performance on the origins of the nautical meaning for ‘heads’ and also where the French got their idea for the Bidet; thank goodness the staffies have a day job! The crew then got stuck into the “happiest” hour of the day, with some also choosing to wash and hang their own laundry or just chill-out until lunch.

The free time allowed the Indian Ocean Games Tournaments to continue downstairs in the café, which has been somewhat warmer than up on deck. The Tournaments have already produced some surprising results, particularly in Chess. Momentum is building with Uno and 500, while others are taught games such as GOLF and Sequence in preparation for the championship rounds. At 1400 Bec took another Boga (Boat Yoga) session which was relaxing, yet entertaining for those participating and observing.

At 1430, the tune of Black Betty played over the pipes; and you know what that means people…. It was Rope Races time! Blue Watch proceeded to win the majority of rounds (unconfirmed), and everyone is now eagerly awaiting the overall results to find out which watch will be crowned the Champions of Rope Races in the Indian Ocean.

Captain Gav made his way to the bridge giving the signal to Kenny and from there it was all hands to tacking stations for Demonstrational Tacks. This was a great session, allowing all crew members to rotate through the Bridge, observing how the Captain, Sail-Master and Navigator work together to direct the ship through the wind with the aid of some muscle (Horto and the Crew).

The Crew then continued games and chilling below decks until dinner which was again delicious, thanks Jenko! The clouds have now returned and look to be putting a bit of dampener on our plans for our final watch with our leader Marcos, as we will be rotating watches as of tomorrow. Our plan is to make a sunset climb and get a few photos from aloft.

Until tomorrow,

Dylan and Matt


Tonight’s shout outs all seem to be of the same theme. Our friends and family were right and we should probably have listened to you. So, here is to you.

Hi Team Hellweg! Hope you are all well. You were right, I should have brought the second Jumper.


Happy Birthday Fraser and Anthony!!! Sorry I can’t be there. Mum – I shouldn’t have been a cheap skate and I should have invested in a warmer sleeping bag. You were right.

Love Kate

Craving a dance, missing my dance partners Meagan and Nikki.


Hi Mum, please take my textbooks back. xx


Wishing Nathan and Liz a safe arrival of Baby Yabsley this month! Uncle Josh can’t wait!


Mum  Can you please tell TJ & Kirsty that I say Howdy and I miss you both. Xx


Dear Tam’s Mum, I just wanted to assure you that your daughter is safe and a full effort has been made to ensure that Tam is at all times under constant adult supervision.

Matt C.

Mumsie! I should have taken your jacket and jumper. My Tootsies are cold!


Hi Cal, hope your bulk is going well. Xx


To the Cividin Family! Hello, I love you and miss you all. I am having a blast but can’t wait to see you all on Christmas day!

Love Matt.

Mum – I might need a beard trimmer for Christmas! Neeks – be prepared for a dirty beard….

Love Dyl.


43 degrees 41 minutes South / 49 degrees 2 minutes East


Currently located 1575nm from Cape Town and experiencing moderate WSW winds with a 2-3m SW swell. Our current speed is 8kts and the temperature is 10 degrees.