Captain's Log
15 April 2011


Captain James once again, it’s the end of command day and I’m glad to say the youth crew achieved all 21 of our objectives given to us for the 24 hours we had control of the ship with flying colours. Everyone has done an amazing job at working together and achieving our goals despite sometimes trying conditions and getting used to a new command structure. Particular mention must be made to our team of chef’s Elyse, Ryan and K.D. who did an amazing job at keeping us fed, arguably the most important job upon the ship. Unfortunately we were not able to relay solely on sail our entire journey to our command destination just south of Mackay, as the wind was just not on our side, which is to say it was largely non-existent. However the point of command day was to learn and grow as a crew and team, and I believe we have certainly achieved this.-Captain JamesHey its Lisa here!Just wanted 2 let the ones back at home know how much fun ive been having. The places we have seen and the stuff we have done has been unbelievable! On Command day I also was lucky 2 be a watch officer and navigate part of the voyage! Aswell as climb aloft many times! Big shout out 2 Owen, Mum, Dad, Dani, Isla and Laura! And not to 4get the Winkys crew! Missin me yet?! Don’t really wana come back,its been waaay to much fun so ill cyas IF I come back! HeheLots of luv Saley! XoxHey everyone its todd it’s the end of day 8 and the end of command day we r at mackay now but going out agen tomorrow on a harf day trip around. To sarah I miss u and can’t wait to get home!! 2 more days keen as!!! Ill see u soon  take care everyone see ya soonTo Toni, Hunter and all the family,Today we had dolphins swim past the STS and we had pizza night! We have arrived safely into Mackay and tomorrow we will be completing a half day sail, not much longer to go now, I’m missing you all.Much love, Alex.To Everyone back home,having a great time, command day was a success! The youth crew successfully sailed the young endeavour from Percy beach to Mackay. We are currently at an island just out of the harbour and tomorrow looks like its going to be a pretty full on day. A few exciting things happened today when we first set sail at 1mp yesterday we had trouble taking off due to limited wind. Then we had more adventures when we got stuck in multiple yetis (without the y) which are little swirly bits of current formed between 2 shoals. Anyway its time to hit the deck, literally we get to sleep up on the deck if we wanted 😛 could get a bit wet though. Anyway see you all on Sunday.Love, MitchMatt – Navy Sup. – Wishing to send big hellos, hugs and kisses to my family at homeHey Amy, Mum, Ada, Dad & Alyssa (Browny too!). Looking forward to sharing all my salting sea tales with you. Love AM xxHayley – Hello my amazing family! I have been so busy, particularly over the past day. I was lucky enough to be voted in as Watch Commander for one of the three watches. This meant I was in charge of the safety of the ship, including doing a lot of navigation and course adjustments. Some periods such as this were stressful and pushed a lot of us really hard, but for the rest, the trip has been packed full of really fun moments. I hardly have time to think of home, however I’m sure Dad will be excited to hear that we were awoken to ‘the Good Morning song’ over the PA system one morning – Missing you all, and cant wait to see you all soon 😀 xoxo 


21°9's / 149°15'e


At anchor Flat Top Island. Wind 120 / 8 kts, Temp 25C