Captain's Log
28 May 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,During the night and the early hours of this morning the YC completed the “BEAREX” (initiative, communication & teambuilding exercise). These exercises were disrupted by rain squalls and strong winds with one watch managing to work out how to set the gaff topsail only to find that just before they set the sail the wind had strengthened to 30kts (which is above the limit for this sail) so they had to pull it straight down. Sunrise found YE 10nm to the south of the Percy Islands still making good speed under a reduced sail plan. Following morning brief more sail was set then it was straight into demonstrational tacks, this exercise allows the YC to view the ship being tacked from the bridge. On completion I conducted Captains Setting and Furling drills and once this intense period of sail work was complete we headed straight into Middle Percy Island, finally coming to anchor under sail at 1230. After a quick set of cleaning stations the YC were ferried ashore to the tropical Middle Percy beach, complete with palm trees and coconuts for a sports afternoon and a chance to explore a predominately uninhabited island. By late afternoon we had ferried everyone back onboard to enjoy a “teak deck” steak and seafood BBQ, professionally cooked by myself (ever modest) and Sumo (Engineer/closet chef). After a very enjoyable dinner enhanced by a spectacular sunset, I presented my Command Day brief which was immediately followed by the YC Command and Command team selections. By 2030 these selections were complete and after a short question period with Staff the YC settled into anchor watches for the night and a well deserved rest in preparation for the commencement of tomorrows Command Day.1000 tomorrow will see me hand YOUNG ENDEAVOUR over to the Youth Crew of Voyage 07/08 which should prove to be a very interesting 24 hour period.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


21°39's / 150°14'e


Currently at anchor at Middle Percy Island and experiencing moderate south easterly winds