Captain's Log
19 March 2002


Current situation at 1800:Overnight the YC went aloft for the second time and most made it to the top and out onto the yards. The cappuccino machine has yet to be found.Today we got up early and started work on getting to know the ship, her lines and sails. We set sails and got into the swing of calling out the orders so we could all work as a team and set theright sail at the right time.We have a small technical hitch that prevented us from getting going but our eager techicians are developing a solution and we will sail very early on Wednesday for two days on the beautiful turquoise waters of Spencer Gulf. In lieu we spent the evening getting to know our shipmates better with a round of ‘three way talks’ and later on we will progress our sailing knowledge and, who knows, climb aloft again in search of a nice cuppa.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


34°8's / 137°57'e


In Germein Bay, Spencer Gulf. Wind southerly at 12 knots, temp 19C.