Captain's Log
12 July 2015


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 15 of our voyage. Following a warm sunny day yesterday we were brought back to reality today with overcast skies and light winds coming from the SSW which were a little cool as they were coming straight from the Antarctic.

Being the start of a new week we were back into our normal routine of morning brief, cleaning stations, lunch, siesta/boga then rope races. Since sailing from Cape Town all of the Staff have been inundated with numerous questions about the weather so this afternoon we put Dr Nick to work on giving one of his extremely informative Meteorological Briefs which I am sure has enlightened all of our World Voyage Crew on why we are experiencing the weather patterns that we are and hopefully what we can expect over the next two weeks. Once completed, everyone adjourned to the café to watch a video on astronavigation by DR Karl who has this great ability to explain things in an easy to understand way.

When I came on watch late this afternoon the wind unexpectedly freshened to 20kts which allowed us to put the ship under all fore and aft sail and we are now continuing to make good speed to the east. Having reached 44 degrees this is about as far south as we are going to go because looking at the long range forecast we should now start to pickup those stronger winds that we have been after.

Currently we are located 2560nm WSW of Fremantle and are nearly halfway to Fremantle which is just about where we wanted to be at this part of the voyage. Starting from tomorrow we expect the wind to start building so hopefully over the next seven days we will experience some good sailing.

Volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Bec and Taylor, please enjoy.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Hello from 44ËšS!

After our leisurely Sunday at sea it was time to launch into our third week on Young Endeavour. As usual the morning started with Kenny’s wake up song which has been following a Christmas carol theme as we approach the festive season. The time change last night meant that some found it hard to roll out of bed considering they had been deprived of one hour of precious sleep. The newly formed Ice watch took to the bridge for the morning 8-12 watch.

Morning brief took place at 0930 followed by the happiest hour of the day with some serious cleaning action after our Sunday off. There are predictions for a ‘perfect’ storm approaching later in the week which will give us some nice winds for sailing and a break from the motors. We are trying to ignore the fact that the along with the wind, the storm will also bring back the cold weather.

In preparation for the ominous “perfect” storm, Ice watch had a practice of setting the storm jib under the guidance of our wonderful watch leader Claudia. Overall the activity was a success although it will be more of a challenge in 30 knot winds. We discovered that the cotton did not hold the sail together as we raised it up the halyard which could result in a runaway sail when the conditions worsen. No fear, Dougie to the rescue…with a new crazy knot that should hold while the sail is raised but come undone after one tug…MAGIC! Time will only tell.

It was then time for lunch, siesta and Boga (boat yoga) with the becoming regular crowd (aka the Bogans). At 1400 rope races were back, now in our new watches. Despite their name, Ice watch were looking hot. Winning most of the individual rounds, as well as the bonus team challenge which comprised of constructing a human statue in dedication to the illustrious green flash.

It was then time for a lesson in meteorology with Doctor Nick learning all about fronts, winds, weather patterns, cyclones and clouds with the assistance of colourful chalk drawings and a rockmelon…you wish you were there! Then to solidify (or further confuse) all the information of astronavigation Evan has been teaching us over the past week, we watched a video with Doctor Karl. This was followed by a relaxed afternoon with delicious handmade lamb (or lentil) wraps from Jenko. We are now on last dog watch trying to put together a watch dance to Vanilla Ice with our residential choreographer, Jamie. We are making the most of the calm before the storm….both excited and nervous for what tomorrow may bring…hopefully it’s not too cold!

Over and out,

Bec and Tay Tay

Shout outs

Dr. Nick’s Mum and dad – looking forward to Christmas at home. Danni – love you babe, see you soon. Dr Nick

Hi Pushkin, Dad misses you. Love Marcus

Gday to Ma and Mark on Merkava — James

A big hello and thank you yo my amazing boss Trish. Thanks again for the time off, I’m having an awesome time. Keep Brian and Rob out of trouble until I get back and say hi to everyone for me – Matt Grenfell

Hello Mum, Dad, Anthony, Lindsay, Bina, Speck and any other of my amazing friends that may be reading this, miss you! Can’t wait to tell you all the stories! P.s. the ship is actually arriving in Freo on the 22nd with the homecoming reception then. So if you want to see the big show, be there! I then spend the last night on board before leaving at 0800. – Love Bec

Hello Davey baby, Mum, Dad, and sisters, miss you all can’t wait to see you at Christmas! Should of kept those thermals I put out of my bag mum! We are also coming into Fremantle on the 22nd xoxox

Jamie’s shout out to the universe…. Why do I dance? “I do it because it’s scary”


44 degrees 48 minutes South / 62 degrees 58 minutes East


Currently located 2560nm WSW of Fremantle and are experiencing moderate SSW winds with a 1m SW swell. Our current speed is 8kts and the temperature is 10 degrees.