Captain's Log
V05A/15: Passage Five - Part A
29 July 2015


Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 18 of our voyage. Following an eventful night of rain, wind shifts , sail setting/furling, tacks and wears we now all fully understand the excitement and sometimes the frustrations of Tall Ship racing. In ever changing weather conditions we have managed to remain in the middle of the fleet and continue to trim sails so that we achieve the best boat speed that we can in these light winds. The World Voyage Crew managed to keep both their sense of humour and enthusiasm overnight despite suffering from lack of sleep and spending hours on watch in wet and somewhat miserable conditions. Thankfully these conditions changed today and despite the lack of wind we have experienced lovely blue skies and warm Norwegian weather. Given the huge effort that the crew put in yesterday and overnight I decided to make today a Sunday Sea Routine so that everyone can catch up on some much needed sleep. The only thing required of the crew today was to keep their watches and to be on standby to tack the ship if required which at present will happen sometime later this evening or in the early hours of tomorrow morning when we round our next waypoint.  Our intentions overnight are to round our next waypoint and to try and take advantage of the forecasted strengthening north westerly winds with the hope of improving our position within the Tall Ship fleet. At present there is only 12nm between the leading Ship and the one currently coming last so their really isn’t much in it . Writing tonight’s Captains Log is Blue Watch so please enjoy reading about their adventures during the past 24hrs. Until tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav CAPTAIN’S LOG – 29 JULY 15 Race update #1 from Blue Watch HANDS TO TACKING STATIONS HANDS TO TACKING STATIONS HANDS TO TACKING STATIONS Was the call piped over the ship at 0430 as we prepared to round the first course marker of the Tall Ship Races. It was intended that we round the marker with only a single wear, but having been pushed too far leeward we had to make two correctional tacks in order to make the waypoint. Luckily for Blue watch this happened as our watch started so we were already on deck; the other watches and staffies appeared on deck in varying states of dress. On successfully tacking and wearing the ship, we sent the other watches below to dry off and continue their sleep. Blueys then set about trimming sails for the course and varying wind conditions. Despite the light winds and our boat speed dropping to just 1 knot in the late morning, we have maintained a strong position of 16th of 34 in our class, without handicap adjustment (as of last race call in). With the strengthening afternoon winds the pack has increased in speed, and we appear to be making gains on our rivals. The Dutch Ship Mercedes, has retired from the race as of approximately 1600 and commenced motoring, apparently due to needing to meet a crew change deadline. Good weather during our first dog watch allowed watch leader Dr Nick, to give us the basics of astro-navigation. This mainly involved learning how to shoot the sun, to get its elevation. This elevation combined with the time allows calculation of the ship’s latitude. Captain Gav declared today a Sunday Sea Routine, meaning we have had no assigned activities other than watch and the be ready for any possible change of tack, which allowed many of us to catch up on much needed sleep after the festivities in Kristiansand. After lunch, the café turned into a mood lit card room with youth crew playing games of poker and 500 to the sounds of slow jazz. Hi to all my friends and family! Having an amazing time, missing you all, can’t wait to be home! Love Ethan G’day Mai Rita Nordheim, goodluck to you and your family on your upcoming travels around the world. Hopefully we will catch up in Australia in the future!! – Mikey Ahoy to Clan Mew. I am well and the race is excellent. I’m not getting a lot of photos but others are, though they don’t compare to seeing it in person with the wind in your hair and the salt spray in your face. Hope you are well – Tim Hi Brett! (and the rest of the family I suppose.) Missing you all, but also having a great time as expected! Prepare for trillions of photos when I get home. Love you all! – Cristy Welcome to the Good Ol’ Years, James Matters! Happy 30th birthday from the entire Young Endeavour Family. Hope you have a wonderful day. Wishing my amazing husband, James Matters, a very happy 30th birthday. I wish I could be there to celebrate it with you….. Better late then never, only 25 days until I’m home. HOOOOOWHHOOOOOO! I can’t wait to be in your arms again. Happy Birthday xxx


57°29'n / 8°40'e


Currently located 22nm NE of Cape Hanthoim (Denmark) sailing under a full press of sail in light SSW winds. Current speed is 3kts and the temperature is 16 degrees.