Captain's Log
14 July 2010


Hi Everyone,In light and variable conditions the ship struggled to make any ground overnight and by morning brief we were still only 20nm to the east of Mackay. Originally at the commencement of this voyage I had intended to head south to the Percy Islands but given the light conditions I had to revise this plan and head north instead.Throughout the day we managed to keep the program on track by completing both the Rule of the Road and Navigation presentations. Besides these activities we managed to keep the enjoyment factor of the voyage alive by exposing the Youth Crew to their first set of Rope Races then rigging the rope swing and letting everyone enjoy the experience of swimming in the open sea with a water depth of 55m below the keel.Besides these activities the Youth Crew have been kept busy learning how to set and clew-up the square sails as well as managing the other sail requirements in these light conditions. One of the big highlights of the day has been the sighting of numerous breaching whales. It is really pleasing to see such large numbers of these beautiful creatures this far north at this time of the year.This evening we all witnessed another magnificent tall ship sunset then were spoilt again with another one of Chef Snowy’s fantastic meals.Overnight the Youth Crew will remain in their sea watches and continue to consolidate their newly acquired sailing and navigation skills as we make progress towards our first anchorage, which at this stage is planned to be Brampton Island, were we should come to anchor sometime tomorrow morning.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav 


20°51's / 149°44'e


Currently located 6nm East of Scawfell Island and experiencing light 8-10kt NE winds with nil swell.