Captain's Log
16 September 2009


Hi Everyone,Welcome to Day 3 of our voyage. Due to very light conditions we had to motorsail throughout the night and the early hours of this morning. By morning brief we were located 110nm from Darwin still utilising main engines but making good progress towards our planned anchorage at King Georges River. During the morning the Youth Crew experienced their first round of ‘semi competitive’ rope races and quickly learnt why their Watch Leaders had spent so much time explaining were all the lines and sheets were located onboard Young Endeavour. Following lunch the Navigator spent quality time with all of the watches teaching them the scientific art of navigation. By mid afternoon the wind had completely died and the heat and humidity was becoming unbearable. Given these conditions I decided to hand in all sail and much to the relief of everyone open the pool and let everyone enjoy a refreshing 30 minute swim in clear water of the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf. By 1600 we were again underway and this evening a number of the Youth Crew took the opportunity to climb aloft to witness a truly magnificent sunset from the foremast before laying below and settling into their watches for the night.Throughout the night watches tonight the YC will consolidate their newly acquired navigation and sailing skills whilst the ship continues to make ground to King Georges River were we will anchor at 0700 tomorrow morning.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav 


13°29's / 128°3'e


Currently located 55nm from King Georges River and experiencing light to moderate NW winds with a 1m swell.