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- Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Commander Adam 'Charlie' Farley hails from Dubbo (Wiradjuri Nation) in Central West NSW. Landlocked but on the banks of the mighty Macquarie River, Adam yearned for salt water and so joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1990 as a Sailor (Signalman).

He has served in many and varied RAN vessels, including: frigates, destroyers, oilers, amphibious landing craft, mine hunters and hydrographic survey ships. This is his third posting to Young Endeavour. He has previously held the roles of Navigator and Executive Officer.

Adam is incredibly passionate about Young Endeavour – the challenge, the adventure and the opportunity to have a positive impact on a young person’s life. The ability to shape and assist in optimising another human being is something he doesn’t take lightly.

Adam lives at home in Sydney with his two children: Jaisalmer and Taj, two nieces: Mata and Angel-ly and two dogs: Chino and Daisy. A keen birder (bird watcher), he loves being curious, having fun and all manner of adventuring.