Captain's Log
18 January 2002

Let’s Get some Cheese!

Today has brought us glorious weather and a gentle breeze helping us westward toward King Island. Today the YC were treated with a navigation and sail theory lecture – the latter interrupted by some crazy deadbeats yielding musical instruments.The YC seem to be very much enjoying the weather and the sailing. Only three cases of seasickness so far – and two of them were Staff Crew! The food has been nothing short of excellent from our new chef Polly. Tomorrow, Saturday, we will berth at King Island and perhaps go for a bus tour of the Island and of course, cheese ��� not forgetting the drying kelp beds.Youth Crew entry by Sebastian Hayton, 16 of Murray Bridge, SA.Today was a nice, sunny day. But the wind was not very good for sailing. We hardly got above 3 knots. Red watch had the guts watch last night, from 12am-4am. Raelene was fortunate enough to get out of the watch due to dish piggy, which is helping Polly in the Galley. It was a tough night, as climbing 30m to let off the topgallantsail is tough at the night and with the boat swaying. Chantal our watch leader was the only one to be affected by the ‘rough weather’and managed to hit Annaleise who was below her.Hi Mum, Dad, Cam, Beefy and Nelson, I am having a great time, learning heaps, and getting big muscles. You would be proud as I made it right up the top of the foremast in the dark and let the sails out. Last night is the only time I’ve felt sea sick, due to being up high with boat rocking and having vomit sprayed over me. Going to King Island tomorrow, I’ll try and call. Love Leisey (Annaleise Mahoney Hobart, 22)Hi Mum, Dad, Megan, Laura, Nicola and Livia. Having the best time, E.Great people on board. Helped the chef in the Galley yesterday and this morning with Mike and Chris, they are great guys. Everyone was very happy with the cooking, Polly is a great chef. Love you all have fun and miss miss miss you heaps love Dash (Raelene Nauman, Latrobe Tas, 17) Sean Blackhurst 16 Vic Lakes Entrance.Hi Mummy and Daddy how are you I’m fine thanks for asking. Last night I got spewed on when I was climbing on the mast by one of the watch leaders it was pretty nice. Going to King Island tomorrow to see Everate and get some cheeeeeeese. Having lots of fun and I will talk to you another day. Love your baby Sean. Stay tunedAndrew Davis


40° 27' South / 145° 12'


CO's LOG Friday 18 Jan 02Current situation at 1800: At sea off Three Hummocky Island under full sail. Wind nor'east at 8 knots. Temp 17C.