Captain's Log
4 July 2011

Let the adventure commence

G\’day Readers, Commander Andrew \’Gunna\’ Rourke here back having a stint as relief Commanding Officer whilst Damien has a bit of a break. Needless to say it is great to be back on my favourite ship.This afternoon 27 of Australia\’s finest youth stepped onboard ready for their adventure under sail. I introduced the Staff Crew and then we immediately got on with the programme. Ice breakers, ship tours, dinner, my talk, the sailing masters little chat and then it was onto the first real challenge for many and we started climbing aloft. As I type everybody is going great guns. We will get underway tomorrow and are expecting some pretty fresh breezes so it will be a steep learning curve in trying conditions.Chat tomorrowCaptain GunnaCarpe\’ diem


20° 16' South / 148° 43' East


Temp 22C, Wind 25kts SE, passing showers