Captain's Log
19 April 2012

Learning the ropes

Hello Shipmates, well what a day it has been. Wakey wakey was at 0630 and in very quick time the YC were up on deck clearing the sleep from their eyes on a typically beautiful Queensland day. From then on it has been go go go all day. The YC learnt the delights of ‘Happy hour’ as we gave our ship a good clean and then it was a safety lecture by Guv. We weighed anchor at 1000 and since then the YC have literally been learning the ropes as we went through line handling and sail setting and furling training. Soon enough we had the ship sailing under all fore and aft plain sail and the upper squares as we reached to the North in the sou easterly breeze. Pure bliss. The crew then responded to the energetic tones of Kristy the Sailing Mistress as she ordered the ship to tacking stations for the first time. In pretty good time we had three tacks and a wear under our belts before we settled into our watch keeping routine for our first night at sea. The crew are tired but should feel very satisfied with what they have achieved today.


23° 15' South / 151° 15' East


Wind 110 / 12 kts, Temp 22 C