Captain's Log
14 February 2001

Leapfrogging the Ship

Last night was pretty bumpy but we had some good sailing. At midnight we wore ship and headed back towards Australia and made landfall at 7am. We saw lots of shearwaters (mutton-birds) who were intent on leapfrogging the ship to sit and watch us go by. Also we saw our first school of dolphins. Today the Youth Crew had a navigation lecture, rotational tacks (so they know others’ tacking stations) and rope races. This evening the wind moderated and we are now heading for Port Stephens.Exchange Tall Ship sailor writes:Hello everybody Chris Gordon here again. That’s me finished my first voyage on board Young Endeavour and we are now into day 3 of my second voyage. My first trip was a great experience and something that will live with me forever. But now on this voyage I am faced with new challenges and 24 new faces in form of the youth crew. I am sailing this trip as an assistant watch leader and so far all is going well. Last night we had some excellent sailing after we had left our anchorage outside Newcastle, we had winds gusting 35-40 knots over the deck and we reached speeds of 9-9.5 knots. During our watch from 8pm – midnight myself, Matt the watch leader and all the crew in white watch had to climb the mast and sea furl the topsail. With the high wind speeds and the fact that the crew had only climbed on 2 occasions prior to this, it was an excellent effort made by everybody in what can only be described as incredible conditions. That’s all from me ��� all thats left is for me to say a big hello to all my friends and family back home in Scotland and to let them know that I’m having an excellent time and I’ll see them all in 3 weeks.Stay tuned and Happy Valentines DayAndrew Davis


32° 55' South / 152° 4'


CO's Log Wednesday 14 Feb 01Current situation at 1800: At sea off Port Stephens. Wind southerly at 10 knots. Temp 23C, overcast and misty.