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- Watchleader

Keith was born and bred in New Zealand hailing from a town called Whakatane. After spending 3 years in New Zealand Navy in as a Signalman he then moved to Australia in 1993 where he spent most of his time as a boat builder and working on various fishing and charter boats. He joined the navy in 2007 as a Hydrographic Survey Operator and has served on 5 survey ships all based out of Cairns. Highlights of his career so far are surveying in the remote Kimberleys and assisting with the evacuation of Day Dream Island in the Whitsundays after Cyclone Debbie.
Keith was attracted to the job as it's an opportunity to meet new people and pass on life skills and seamanship knowledge to a future generation. When not at work Keith enjoys Fishing, cooking, guitar, hiking and traveling.