Captain's Log
1 November 2008

Late Night Anchorage In Jervis Bay

Ahoy ShipmatesSunrise this morning found us 50nm to the south of Jervis Bay and still experiencing a 25kt headwind. At morning brief I announced that due to the prevailing conditions it would be impossible for the ship to reach Jervis Bay before late evening. Despite this announcement the YC remained enthusiastic and optimistic about the day ahead. Again late morning the wind strengthened to 30kts and the swell increased to 2m, these deteriorating conditions forced me to postpone Captains setting and furling drills due to safety concerns and stand down the ���off watch�� YC for the rest of the afternoon. After dinner and prior to entering Jervis Bay I presented my Command Day lecture which was immediately followed by the YC Command and Command team selections. At 2130 we finally entered Jervis Bay and proceeded straight to our anchorage position at Montigue Roadstead. We finally anchored at 2220 and settled into anchor watches and a well deserved good night’s sleep in preparation for the commencement of tomorrows Command Day. Please find attached Captains Log entry from Red WatchYours AyeCaptain Gav Red Watch Captains LogFriday 11JAN08Woke up at 3:30am for morning watch. All 9 of us climbed to the course yard to watch the sunrise. 8 oh I mean 9 of us came down after climbing in very windy and rough conditions. We then made up our own version of ���Wake up Jeff�� to wake the rest of the Youth Crew at 7am. Up next was breaky followed by morning brief which as always included Nanna’s famous dance. This mornings was ���I’m a little rocket ship��. After Happy Hour (cleaning) we had rope races, which we did very poorly in. However we did win the eating competition! We finished the morning practicing our sailing drills for command day tomorrow. We reckon we are doing alright and people are finding voices they didn’t know they had.How we’re all going:Lals: Lals is missing her netball and is proving her Territory toughness by being the only member of Red Watch not to feed the fish.Esther: The female pioneer�� always the first girl to tackle the crazy jobs, with excitement and style.Pete: The muscle man. Always hauling in the sheets when the going gets tough. Has definatly does his share off sea furling the sails, always volunteering to go up the mast when no one else will.Liz: A bubble of enthusiasm and volunteer for dodgy jobs keeps us smiling. As long as we wake her up 3 times In the morning!Isabel: A quiet little fireball��_.when provoked. Always contributing useful knowledge. Is now sporting impressive bruising and has regained colour after a hard first few days.T: T spoke for the first time on Wednesday after being incredibly generous to the fish. Poor T then got land sick (what the!) when he stood on land in Eden, Wednesday arvo.Jules: Jules has acquired a strong taste for oranges. He keeps us all well feed on biscuits and barley sugars. His somewhat scary levels of energy and incredible sea tales keep us entertained during long watches. Az: The rope race legend. Can name any part of the ship in 3/10th of a second! Is always good for a chat.Nathan: The sail master, without his strength and wealth of knowledge we would all be wrestling polar bears.


35° 1' South / 150° 46' East


At anchor at Montigue Roads in Jervis Bay